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Duncan returns to Seacouver, where he meets a descendant of the man who rescued him and took him in when he was shipwrecked in 18th Century Japan. The woman, Midori Kent, wants his help escaping a loveless marriage. Even when MacLeod discovers her husband is Immortal, he still feels honour-bound to fulfil the oath he made 200 years before.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 94301-45
bulletOriginal US airdate: 26th September, 1994
bulletWritten by: Naomi Janzen
bulletDirected by: Paolo Barzman
bulletGuest Cast: Tamlyn Tomita (Midori), Robert Ito (Hideo), Stephen McHattie (Kent); Hiro Kanagawa (Akira Yoshida), Terry Arrowsmith (Haley)

bullet1778, Japan
Duncan is rescued by Hideo Koto when he is washed ashore in Japan.

Other Immortals
bulletMichael Kent

bulletStephen McHattie will be well known (and hated no doubt!) for his role as the evil Gabriel in the Beauty and the Beast TV series with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton.
bulletRobert Ito, who previously played Johnny Leong in the second-season episode B8, 'Revenge of the Sword', first came to most people's attention when he played Sam Fujiyama in Quincy.

A good solid opening to season three. The flashbacks are the more entertaining, but you're left wondering whether or not Michael Kent deserved his death - for all his cruelty to his wife's lover. B+


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Season Three list
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Seacouver episodes
C1: The Samurai (B+)
C2: Line of Fire (C)
C3: The Revolutionary (C+)
C4: The Cross of St Antoine (A-)
C5: Rite of Passage (B-)
C6: Courage (B+)
C7: The Lamb (A-)
C8: Obsession (B+)
C9: Shadows (C+)
C10: Blackmail (B-)
C11: Vendetta (C+)
C12: They Also Serve (A)
C13: Blind Faith (B+)
C14: Song of the Executioner (A-)

Paris episodes
C15: Star-Crossed (B+)
C16: Methos (B+)
C17: Take Back The Night (B)
C18: Testimony (B)
C19: Mortal Sins (B)
C20: Reasonable Doubt (B)
C21: Finale (I) (B+)
C22: Finale (II) (A)

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