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Once a bad 'un, always a bad 'un, right? In which case, what's John Kirin's hidden agenda behind his religious organisation? And why does Mac hate him so?

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 94313-57
bulletOriginal US airdate: 13th February, 1995
bulletWritten by: Jim Makichuk
bulletDirected by: Gerry Ciccoritti
bulletGuest Cast: Conrad Dunn (Matthew), Richard Lynch (John Kage/Kirin); Dave Cameron (Todd Milchan), Nick Vrataric (Tim Parriot), Alfonso Quijada Jr. (Carlos), Celine Lockhart (Nun), Ravinder Toor (Cop), Robert Iseman (Mike), F. Braun McAsh (Derelict)

bullet1937, Spain
Duncan and John Kage are both covering the Spanish Civil War for their respective newspapers when Kage betrays the troops they're riding with to the Republicans for money.
bullet1975, Cambodia
Kage abandons a school of children under Duncan's protection to the Khamar Rouge.

Other Immortals
bulletJohn Kage/Kirin

bulletRichard Lynch has one of those faces that is instantly recognisable. Star Trek fans will remember him from the Next Generation two-parter 'Gambit', while he signed up to play Count Iblis in Richard Hatch's ill-fated Battlestar Galactica revival (series creator Glenn A Larson's version was eventually filmed as a TV mini-series, instead). His official fan club site is here.
bulletThe 1975 flashback is only one of three times that Duncan is shown in a flashback post-1958. The other two years are 1978 (E14, 'Ransom of Richard Redstone') and 1980 (A14, 'Band of Brothers').

Another excellent and thought-provoking story. Things plod a little in the present day, but the flashbacks are excellent and fast-paced.


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Seacouver episodes
C1: The Samurai (B+)
C2: Line of Fire (C)
C3: The Revolutionary (C+)
C4: The Cross of St Antoine (A-)
C5: Rite of Passage (B-)
C6: Courage (B+)
C7: The Lamb (A-)
C8: Obsession (B+)
C9: Shadows (C+)
C10: Blackmail (B-)
C11: Vendetta (C+)
C12: They Also Serve (A)
C13: Blind Faith (B+)
C14: Song of the Executioner (A-)

Paris episodes
C15: Star-Crossed (B+)
C16: Methos (B+)
C17: Take Back The Night (B)
C18: Testimony (B)
C19: Mortal Sins (B)
C20: Reasonable Doubt (B)
C21: Finale (I) (B+)
C22: Finale (II) (A)

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