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Brion Cullen is a shell of a man. Once he was the greatest fighter known among Immortals. But somewhere along the way he lost his nerve, and descended into a drugs- and alcohol-induced madness. Can MacLeod save the friend he once knew, or is he only making a hellish situation worse?

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 94306-50
bulletOriginal US airdate: 31st October, 1994
bulletWritten by: Nancy Heiken
bulletDirected by: Charles Wilkinson
bulletGuest Cast: John Pyper Ferguson (Cullen), Stefan Arngrim (Unknown); Jonathan Scarfe (Kelly), Jennifer Copping (Katherine), Mark Acheson (Laszlo), Catherine Lough (Marcia), Peter Bryant (Orderly), Colleen Rennison (Robin), Marc Baur (Mike)

bullet1810, Switzerland
Travels with Cullen when they are challenged by a young man. Duncan leaves Cullen to finish off his glory-seeking opponent.
bullet1854, San Francisco, USA
Stumbles into Cullen in San Francisco, where the finest swordsman in the world has become addicted to opium.

Other Immortals
bulletBrion Cullen
bulletZoltan Laszlo

bulletAustralian John Pyper-Ferguson is yet another genre veteran, with credits stretching back to Star Trek: The Next Generation ('A Fistful of Datas') through The X-Files and Millennium to a recurring role in the ill-fated Crow: Stairway to Heaven TV series. Ferguson, like many other Canadian actors who've featured in Highlander, turns up here.
bulletMark Acheson had previously played the character of Billy Ray in the second-season episode B9, 'Run for your Life'.

A fascinating story with an interesting background and a sad, but inevitable, conclusion. B


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Seacouver episodes
C1: The Samurai (B+)
C2: Line of Fire (C)
C3: The Revolutionary (C+)
C4: The Cross of St Antoine (A-)
C5: Rite of Passage (B-)
C6: Courage (B+)
C7: The Lamb (A-)
C8: Obsession (B+)
C9: Shadows (C+)
C10: Blackmail (B-)
C11: Vendetta (C+)
C12: They Also Serve (A)
C13: Blind Faith (B+)
C14: Song of the Executioner (A-)

Paris episodes
C15: Star-Crossed (B+)
C16: Methos (B+)
C17: Take Back The Night (B)
C18: Testimony (B)
C19: Mortal Sins (B)
C20: Reasonable Doubt (B)
C21: Finale (I) (B+)
C22: Finale (II) (A)

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