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Richie becomes besotted by a beautiful female Immortal, and doesn't want to know that she spells trouble, despite the fact that Duncan has personal experience to back up his warning - even if it is 350 years old...

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95410-76
bulletOriginal US airdate: 27th November, 1995
bulletWritten by: David Tynan
bulletDirected by: Duane Clark
bulletGuest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Adam Pierson/Methos), Emmanuelle Vaugier (Maria Alcobar), Beverly Hendry (Barbara Madison), Ann Turkel (Kristin Gilles)

bullet1660, Kristen's Chateau, France
After gallantly rescuing Kristen's coach from highwaymen, Duncan is taken to her home to be educated in culture and, er, other things. Unfortunately, when he tires of her possessiveness and takes a shine to the artist hired to paint his portrait, Duncan discovers a nasty side to his ex-beau.

Other Immortals
bulletKristen Gilles

bulletAnn Turkel was once married to the late Richard Harris. Check out her official Web site here. You can see her battle with Duncan (Quicktime required) in the Action section of the Screening Room.
bulletEmmanuelle Vaugier currently guests as  Dr Helen Bryce in Smallville. See her official site here.

A hit-and-miss episode, this. The flashback is good, but its length means the present-day tale feels a little rushed. Methos' presence is a little contrived, too, but ultimately he helps lift the episode and adds another layer to his character at the same time. B


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D21: Judgement Day (B)
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