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MacLeod has been keeping an eye on world-famous pianist Claudine Jardine ever since he sensed her in a foster home. But he's not the only one who's sensed her pre-Immortality, and this other Immortal wants to preserve her talent forever - by killing her...

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95411-77
bulletOriginal US airdate: 29th January, 1996
bulletWritten by: Karen Harris
bulletDirected by: Duanne Clark
bulletGuest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Adam Pierson/Methos), Ron Halder (Walter Graham), Rae Dawn Chong (Claudia Jardine), Ocean Hellman (Alexa Bond); Brent Fidler (Jeremy Beaufort), David MacKay (Gremio)

bullet1663, England
MacLeod is part of Walter Graham's troupe of actors - playing the women's roles in his travelling show.

Other Immortals
bulletWalter Graham
bulletClaudia Jardine

bulletRae Dawn Chong lost out to Janet Jackson for the role of Willis' girlfriend in Diff'rent Strokes. For a full list of her credits, see here.
bulletRon Halder has some genre credits, including the role of Cronus in Stargate SG-1, but has made more of a career for himself doing voice work for both foreign-language films and animated series like X-Men: Evolution.

Again, an interesting concept that doesn't quite carry through to carry an entire episode. Some interesting insights into pre-Immortality though - could Mac's attitude towards Claudia be linked to his first disastrous encounter with a pre-Immortal as chronicled in Endgame? B


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