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A heavily pregnant Anne Lindsay makes a foolhardy attempt to deliver aid to the victims of a subway explosion, trapping herself and going into labour in the process. When Duncan and Richie learn of her fate they go to the rescue, triggering a powerful - and painful - memory for MacLeod in the process...

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95412-78
bulletOriginal US airdate: 5th February, 1996
bulletWritten by: Morrie Ruvinsky
bulletDirected by: Paolo Barzman
bulletGuest Cast: Lisa Howard (Anne Lindsey), Duncan Fraser (Fire Chief), Beverley Elliott (Woman in Subway), Alison Moir (Diane Terrin); Robert Iseman (Mike), Tim Dixon (Harry), Tracy Olson (Lord Sewell), David Adams (Emcee), Brent J. D. Sheppard (Rescuer), George Gordon (French Officer), Byron Lawson (Second Rescuer)

bullet1940, London, England
MacLeod may or may not be in central London working for British Intelligence, but he strikes up a passionate relationship with American journalist Diane Terrin, whose zest for danger in a quest to bring the plight of Blighty to the Yanks threatens to cut short a life she's mapping out with a more cautious Duncan.

Other Immortals

bulletThis episode marks Lisa Howard's swansong as Anne Lindsey.
bulletDuncan Fraser makes his third appearance - all as different mortal characters - in Highlander. His first was as the SWAT commander in A6 , 'Bad Day in Building A', and his second was as Julia Renquist's father in C8, 'Obsession'.
bulletBeverley Elliott also returns as a different character - she originally played a Supervisor in B14, 'Unholy Alliance, part one'.

After a strong fourth season so far, Highlander comes a cropper with two rushed storylines suffering from a lack of Immortals and being crammed into a single episode. A powerful ending provides the only real moment of note.


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