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Hayokas are holy men, revered among Native Americans for being able to draw the evil and hate from others into themselves. Of course, most are mortal and die before they're overwhelmed by all that evil, but what happens to an 800 year-old Immortal who took it on himself to become Hayoka for the world 150 years before?

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95413-79
bulletOriginal US airdate: 12th February, 1996
bulletWritten by: David Tynan
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Byron Chief-Moon (Jim Coltec), Benjamin Ratner (Bryce Korland); Darcy Laurie (Harry Kant), Carla Temple (Denise), Dan Muldoon (Captain), Michael Gall (Tall Beatnik), Colin Foo (Clerk), Carl Chase (Robert Davis)

bullet1872-3, Pacific North West, USA
A murderous Duncan MacLeod is consumed by thoughts of revenge as he tracks Kern (see C2, 'Line of Fire'). After being captured for attacking a group of white soldiers, he's incarcerated with Kol T'ek, who uses his powers as Hayoka to draw the hatred out him.
bullet1958, Greenwich, New York, USA
Coltec beats MacLeod to the head of psychotic Immortal Bryce Korland, and the first signs that Coltec may have taken on too much evil begin to show.

Other Immortals
bulletJim Coltec/Kol T'ek
bulletHarry Kant
bulletBryce Korland

bulletBryon Chief-Moon is a dancer as well as an actor. He helped found the Coyote Arts Percussive Performance Association (CAPPA), which performs across Canada.
bulletThis is Richie's last appearance during the fourth season. As his first appearance in season five (E2, 'End of Innocence') implies, he's staying away from MacLeod during this period.
bulletDuncan ends the episode boarding a ship that will eventually deposit him in France. Lucky that, eh?

One of Highlander's stand-out episodes, this is a powerful, perfectly plotted setup for MacLeod's Dark Quickening, with everything from the flashbacks and scenes in the present spot on. If you want to show someone the essence of this show, start here. A


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