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When MacLeod thwarts the attempted assassination of a Middle Eastern leader he finds a promise he made 250 years earlier being called in as a consequence of his action - the problem is, how far is he willing to go in order to keep that promise?

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95415-81
bulletOriginal US airdate: 26th February, 1996
bulletWritten by: Lawrence Shore
bulletDirected by: Paolo Barzman
bulletGuest Cast: Kristin Minter (Rachel MacLeod), Ricco Ross (Kassim), Ben Feitelson (Nasir Al Deneb), Vernon Dobtcheff (Hamad); Tomer Sisley (Reza), Peta Wilson (Inspector), Karim Salah (Boadin Al Deneb), Soumaya Akaaboune (Aliya), Dine Souli (Official)

bullet1480, Aragon region, Spain
Kassim's past - including the foundation of his close association with the Al Deneb family - is revealed when he makes an oath to his dying master as the Moors are driven out of Spain.
bullet1755, North Africa
Duncan makes his fateful "promise" to Kassim in exchange for the life of a boy who has fallen in love with one of the Al Deneb family.

Other Immortals

bulletThis is Kristin Minter's final appearance as Rachel MacLeod, reprising her role from D1, 'Homeland' and a brief cameo at the end of D14, 'Deliverance'.
bulletRicco Ross is a close friend of Adrian Paul's and has a rich CV across both sides of the Atlantic, including roles in Doctor Who, Hill Street Blues and Jeeves and Wooster.
bulletFrench actor Vernon Dobtcheff is a recognisable face thanks to his extensive CV that stretches back to the 1960s (see here). He previously played the role of Carlo Luchesi in the season one episode A14, 'For Evil's Sake'.

An excellent premise - Duncan is put in an awkward position by an ill-thought promise made centuries before - is let down slightly by its execution. Kassim is an interesting character though - it's a shame he never made a comeback. B+


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D2: Brothers in Arms (A-)
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Paris episodes
D14: Deliverance (A-)
D15: Promises (B+)
D16: Methusaleh's Gift (B+)
D17: The Immortal Cimoli (A-)
D18: Through a Glass Darkly (B+)
D19: Double Jeopardy (C+)
D20: Til Death (A-)
D21: Judgement Day (B)
D22: One Minute to Midnight (A-)

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