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While Methos mourns for the passing of his mortal lover Alexa, Duncan encounters an old friend from his Scottish past. But Warren Cochrane doesn't recognise Duncan or remember who he is. What trauma has left him in this state, and what risk is Duncan taking by trying to help him regain his memories?

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95418-84
bulletOriginal US airdate: 6th May, 1996
bulletWritten by: Alan Swayze
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Dougray Scott (Warren Cochrane), Peter Wingfield (Methos), Laura Marine (Nancy Goddard), Struan Rodger (Bonnie Prince Charlie), Gresby Nash (Andrew Donnelly); Laura Marine (Nancy Goddard), Luc Bernard (Inspector Deon), F. Braun McAsh (Innkeeper), Shannon Finnegan (Sarah), George Salmon (James)

bullet1745, Eriskay Island, Scotland
Duncan and Warren are part of Bonnie Prince Charlie's army as they enjoy early success against the English.
bullet1745, Culloden Moor, Scotland
Cochrane is killed on the eve of battle, and Duncan has to remind him to disappear instead of attempting to fight alongside his fellow Scots.
bullet1788, Picardy, France
Cochrane's wife and adopted son are killed by English marksmen when Cochrane and Duncan are ambushed en route to Normandy.
bullet1788, Normandy, France
We are treated to two very different accounts of the Immortals' final meeting with the old Bonnie Prince - Cochrane's memories portray him as a proud man; Duncan remembers him as a drunk.

Other Immortals
bulletWarren Cochrane
bulletAndrew Donnelly

bulletDougray Scott will best be known to international audiences as the villain in Mission Impossible II. His resumé can be read here.
bulletGresby Nash has a few British TV appearances of note, including regular roles in Hope and Glory (opposite Lenny Henry and Amanda Redman) and sitcom The Savages.
bulletStruan Rodger has a string of credits in many historical - and contemporary - dramas, on the silver screen as well as TV. Check out his IMDB entry here.
bulletHighlander swords master F Braun McAsh makes a cameo appearance as the innkeeper. It is the second of his three appearances in the series - the other two are C13, 'Blind Faith', and E17, 'The Modern Prometheus'.

An excellent idea executed less than perfectly. If you want to understand how history is in the eye of the beholder, watch this episode, which demonstrates this fact perfectly. Sadly, top-notch performances by the cast are let down by a script that struggles to inject much pace, but for the die-hard historian like myself, it's ultimately forgivable. B+


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