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A diamond store is robbed using all the trademarks of one Xavier St Cloud, who has been missing for two years. The French police call in FBI agent Renee Delaney to investigate, and she in turn enlists the help of someone who was linked with St Cloud previously, one Duncan MacLeod. Duncan knows the truth - that a copycat killer is responsible, but who is he, and why does he have an interest in the Highlander?

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95419-85
bulletOriginal US airdate: 28th April, 1997
bulletWritten by: David Tynan
bulletDirected by: Charles Wilkinson
bulletGuest Cast: Stacey Travis (Renee Delaney), Marc Warren (Morgan D'Estaing), Rolland Gift (Xavier St. Cloud); Jean-Paul Muel (Inspector Dufay), David Gabison (Manager), Hester Wilcox (Angela), Richard Lukas (Detective), Philippe Bouclet (Philippe d'Estaing), Stan Reitz (Bernard d'Estaing), Pascal Laurent (Hastings)

bullet1803, France
Within the space of a week Morgan D'Estaing is disinherited, killed (while trying to murder his younger brother) and revived, becoming a student of Xavier St Cloud.
bullet1806, France
Duncan, an officer in the British army, encounters Morgan and Xavier shortly after the pair exact revenge on the D'Estaing family.

Other Immortals
bulletMorgan D'Estaing
bulletXavier St Cloud

bulletRoland Gift makes the last of his five appearances as Xavier St Cloud, despite dying at the end of his third, B15, 'Unholy Alliance, part 2'.
bulletStacey Travis reprises her role as Renee Delaney, first seen in B14 and B15, 'Unholy Alliance, part 1 and 2'.
bulletMarc Warren is currently best known for his starring role as Danny Blue in the BBC TV series Hustle. He recently took centre-stage in one episode of the resurrected Doctor Who (see here). Check out his full CV here.
bulletThis episode was actually held back and screened as part of season five, sandwiched between E15, 'The Stone of Scone', and E16, 'Forgive Us Our Trespasses'.

This is a hit and miss affair, not helped by poor dubbing. Marc Warren makes a good snarling villain, and Roland Gift's cameo is a welcome one, but the modern day story isn't helped by the lack of chemistry between Paul and Travis, which makes their relationship more awkward than amorous. C+


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