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Joe Dawson and MacLeod are placed on collision course when a vengeful Charlie De Salvo returns from Bosnia, hot on the heels of Immortal Andrew Cord. Cord saved Joe's life in Viet Nam and was the reason he joined The Watchers, but Charlie's been double-crossed by Cord - at the cost of his lover - and wants revenge on a man he cannot kill. Can MacLeod protect him without revealing the Immortals' secret?

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95402-68
bulletOriginal US airdate: 2nd October, 1995
bulletWritten by: Morrie Ruvinsky
bulletDirected by: Charles Wilkinson
bulletGuest Cast: Wolfgang Bodison (Andrew Cord), Philip Akin (Charlie DeSalvo), Liliana Komorowska (Mara); Chris Bradford (Young Joe Dawson), Jeffrey Renn (Young Ian Bancroft), Garrison Chrisjohn (Dr. Weldon), Mercedes Tang (Vietnamese Woman)

bullet1968, Viet Nam
Joe Dawson is a young soldier in Andrew Cord's platoon, and discovers the truth about Immortals after Cord rescues him from death (at the expense of his legs) and a young Ian Bancroft (see I) introduces himself.

Other Immortals
bulletAndrew Cord

bulletWolfgang Bodison has also made guest appearances in Dark Skies and Charmed.
bulletBoth Philip Akin and Liliana Komorowska reprise their roles from C3, 'The Revolutionary'.
bulletUnbelievably, I've not mentioned Philip Akin's other credits: to rectify this, check out his Internet Movie Database entry here, where you'll discover he returned to the Highlander universe as a different character in Highlander: The Raven.

At this early stage, things are looking promising for Highlander's fourth season. A stand-out episode that marries all the strong points of Highlander: a villain who's not one shade of black, some excellent acting and dialogue, a superbly executed flashback and a poignant, tearful farewell to an old friend.  A-


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