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Robert and Angelina de Valincourt traditionally renew their wedding vows every 100 years. But there's domestic trouble brewing, and Duncan is caught in the middle as he tries to remind them of what they mean to each other.

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95420-86
bulletOriginal US airdate: 13th May, 1996
bulletWritten by: Beatrice Mathouret (story), Michael O'Mahony & Sasha Reins (teleplay)
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Methos), Jeremy Brudenell (Robert de Valicourt), Cecile Pallas (Gina de Valicourt), Roger Daltrey (Hugh Fitzcairn); Michael J Jackson (Sean Burns), Michel Feller (Footman)

bullet1696, Chateau de Valicourt, near Paris, France
Angelina presses Macleod and Fitzcairn into helping her enter the Chateau de Valicourt to retrieve items she says Robert de Valicourt stole. A few months later the pair are reunited with Angelina as she announces she and Robert are to be married.
bullet1796, Chateau de Valicourt, near Paris, France
Fitz and Macleod meet up with fellow Immortals Sean Burns and Carolyn Mortimer as they celebrate the de Valicourts' renewal of their wedding vows.
bullet1921, Chateau de Valicourt, near Paris, France
The prelude to this tale gives us an insight into the foreplay of Baron and Madame de Valicourt.

Other Immortals
bulletHugh Fitzcairn
bulletSean Burns
bulletAngelina de Valicourt
bulletRobert de Valicourt
bulletCarolyn Mortimer

bulletRoger Daltrey makes his first appearance as Hugh Fitzcairn since dying at the hands of Kalas in C15, 'Star-crossed'.
bulletJeremy Brudenell previously appeared as Immortal Nicholas Ward in the second season story, B16, 'The Vampire'.
bulletMichael J Jackson makes the third of his four appearances as Sean Burns. Originally, the producers hoped to bring back a multitude of previously featured British-based Immortals for this episode, but the budget wouldn't allow it.
bulletOne of the deleted scenes - which can be viewed on the season four DVD - featured Fitz and Duncan explaining why Connor wasn't at the wedding.

Another great Highlander comedy. Performances are top-notch throughout the entire cast, and the story romps along, shifting neatly between past and present. A-


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