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Watchers and Immortals stand on the brink of war as Duncan and Joe are blamed for the massacre of the Watchers' top brass. MacLeod goes searching for the real killer while Methos finds himself caught between two worlds.

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95422-88
bulletOriginal US airdate: 23rd September, 1996
bulletWritten by: David Tynan
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Methos), Jesse Joe Walsh (Jack Shapiro), Stephen Tremblay (Jacob Galati), Romina Mondello (Irina Galati); Peter Hudson (James Horton), Michel Feller (Mikel), Yan Epstein (Jean Dumar), Xavier Jaillard (Magistrate), Zoltan Csala (Guard), Manuel Guillot (Emile), Olivier Vitrant (Watcher)

bullet1847, Europe
Jacob is hanged by a court for killing a man who raped his wife Irene, resulting in him and his wife being exiled from the gypsy camp.
bullet1992, Europe
Horton's band of Hunters catch up with the Galati's, with tragic consequences.

Other Immortals
bulletJacob Galati
bulletIrina Galati

bulletAlthough recorded as part of season four, this episode was held back in many territories and shown as the first episode of season five (there's no definitive date here, but it appears the episode may have been first screened in the US with D21, 'Judgement Day' back in July 1996).
bulletStephen Tremblay has few TV credits recorded: a guest-starring role in an episode of kid's TV show S-Club 7, and a role in the 1993 mini-series, Lipstick on your Collar.
bulletRomina Mondello is a well-known Italian actress. Visit her agent's Web site here.

Once again Highlander finishes a two-part story strongly. The blurring of good and evil, right and wrong is one of the series' strong points, and it's played almost to perfection here.  A-


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