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Mikey is a large Immortal with limited mental powers, who lives with fellow Immortal Alan and Alan's mortal wife Helen. When a wandering Immortal with a lust for headhunting appears on the scene, Mikey's world starts to fall apart, and he finds himself on the run with nowhere to go and little idea of what to do. Luckily for him, another Immortal comes on to scene - this time it's Richie, who will find his desire to help Mikey conflicts with Mac's warning about taking responsibility for the situation.

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95403-69
bulletOriginal US airdate: 9th October, 1995
bulletWritten by: Alan Swayze
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Pruitt Taylor Vince (Mickey), Callum Keith Rennie (Tyler King); Philip Hayes (Alan Wells), Chilton Crane (Helen Wells), Dwight McFee (Jack Spice), Darryl Shackelly (Chaske), Hagan Beggs (Doc Hobbs), Patrick Stevenson (Lockport), George Austin (Anderson), Craig Bunanski (Sheriff), Bobby Stewart (Officer Winston), Terry Howson (Water Delivery Man)

bullet1868, North Dakota, USA
Duncan rescues the Native American Chaske from slavery, but his attempts to get Chaske's back wounds healed by a local white doctor end in tragedy.

Other Immortals
bulletMikey Bellows
bulletTyler King
bulletAlan Wells

bulletPruitt Taylor Vince, who won many deserved plaudits for his acting in this episode has carved out a career in movies and the odd genre TV appearance, including Quantum Leap and The X-Files. Check out his full list of credits here.
bulletCallum Keith Rennie appeared as a different character in B5, 'An Eye for an Eye'. Check out his listing there for more information.
bulletDuncan's encounter with Chaske dove-tails neatly in with his history during this period as shown in C2, 'Line of Fire', A1, 'The Gathering and D13, 'Something Wicked'.

Despite a slow pace at times, this episode is yet another stand-out in the Highlander canon, not least because of Pruitt Taylor Vince's breathtaking performance as Mikey.  A-


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