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Immortals are always looking for that advantage that can keep them ahead of their brethren. Peter Kanis uses a pack of hunting dogs to harass, exhaust and finally corner his prey for an easy kill. It's a tactic that's worked for centuries, and now he's out to settle a 200-year score with one Duncan MacLeod. In the meantime, Richie stumbles on a guy he's convinced was the man who shot Tessa and triggered his immortality - and he wants revenge.

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95404-70
bulletOriginal US airdate: 16th October, 1995
bulletWritten by: Lawrence Shore
bulletDirected by: Mario Azzopardi
bulletGuest Cast: Justin Louis (Peter Kanis), Travis MacDonald (Mark Roszca), Venus Terzo (Duchess of Somerset), Rachel Hayward (Valerie Meech); Jenafor Ryane (Alicia), Kim Restell (Julie), Yee Jee Tso (Gerald), Greg Rogers (Detective Sheridan), Veena Sood (Shandra Devane), Christopher Gaze (Sheriff), Michael Dobson (Cop), Christopher Lovick (Shepherd)

bullet1785, England (the Duchy of Somerset estates)
Duncan rescues a boy from Kanis' dogs while in the, ahem, service of the Duchess of Somerset. Kanis' arrogant attitude gets him a date with a noose at the behest of the Duchess, who remains blissfully unaware of his true nature.

Other Immortals
bulletPeter Kanis
bulletDavid Coleman

bulletBorn in the Azores off the coast of Portugal, Justin Louis has genre guest-starring credits in Star Trek: Voyager, The Outer Limits, Millennium, Relic Hunter and 24.
bulletTravis MacDonald reprises his role as the hoodlum who shot and killed Tessa and Richie in the second season episode B4, 'The Darkness'.
bulletRachel Hayward has guest-starring credits in Stargate SG-1, Sliders, Xena and Jake 2.0 among others, and returned to the Highlander universe as Delila in E2, 'The End of Innocence'.
bulletVeena Shood reprises her role as Shandra Devane in D9, 'The Wrath of Kali'.
bulletLast, but not least, Yee Jee Tso appeared in the 1996 US TV movie Doctor Who, based on the long-running (and recently revived - at last!) British TV series. Find out more about this superb series here and here.

Too much filler material from earlier episodes and an unconvincing main villain (surely someone worked out how to deal with his dogs before Duncan did?) mar what is otherwise a reasonably strong story, especially the scenes dealing with Richie and the discovery of the man who shot Tessa. B


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