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Immortal brat Kenny - he's had 800 years of practice after all - returns to Seacouver, with an enraged Immortal on his tail. Duncan is understandably wary of the little critter, and is reminded of a past deed when it comes up against Kenny's pursuer. For Amanda, though, this is one reunion that stirs maternal feelings she never knew she had...

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95406-72
bulletOriginal US airdate: 30th October, 1995
bulletWritten by: Elizabeth Baxter
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Myles Ferguson (Kenny), Lisa Howard (Anne Lindsey), Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda), Mike Preston (Terence Kincaid); Ryan Michael (Sheriff), Luc Corbeil (Merriman), Joel Wirkkunen (McPhee), Lisa Butler (Kenny's Mother)

bullet1182, nr Hastings, England
Amanda comes across the newly Immortal Kenny, back in a time when he really was just pre-pubescent, and becomes his first teacher.
bullet1183, nr Hastings, England
Amanda is taken for thieving by local sheriffs and hung, leaving Kenny to run off and fend for himself.
bullet1778, unknown island in the South Pacific
MacLeod strands Captain Kincaid on an unknown spit of land after his crew mutinies against him and threaten to take his head.

Other Immortals
bulletTerence Kincaid

bulletMyles Ferguson reprises his role as 800-year-old Kenny from C7, 'The Lamb'.
bulletThis is the first of two appearances by Lisa Howard as the now visibly pregnant Anne Lindsay in season four, the second is D12, 'The Blitz'.
bulletMike Preston's craggy features will be familiar to fans of Mad Max 2, where he played Pappagallo, leader of the community Max finds himself trying to save. He'll also be familiar to fans of 80s action TV, with a string of guest-starring roles in action series like The A-Team, Remmington Steele, Airwolf and Hunter.

Both Kenny and Anne return from season three to good effect - Anne in particular fares much better now she's not trying to create non-existent chemistry with Duncan. The third Immortal, Kincaid, is reduced to the role of sideshow as we delve into Kenny's background, and once again Myles Ferguson demonstrates the acting potential that was cut short by his tragic early death. B+


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