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Colonel Simon Killian was left to repent at his leisure - around 70-odd years - when he ordered one final attack in 1918, seconds after receiving word that the war was officially over. Now he's free and after revenge - and guess who stitched him up the first time?

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95407-73
bulletOriginal US airdate: 6th November, 1995
bulletWritten by: Durnford King
bulletDirected by: Dennis Berry
bulletGuest Cast: Elizabeth Gracen (Amanda), Sean Allan (Simon Killian), Lisa Butler (Melissa); Dave "Squatch" Ward (Cisco), Antony Holland (The General), Sean Campbell (Sergeant Merion), Christine Upright-Letain (Andrea Henson)

bullet1918, France
Duncan is treating the wounded in a trench when he encounters Colonel Simon Killian, who's ready to lead his troops over the top. Then the note comes: the war is over, but Killian's not ready to stop fighting just yet...
bullet1918, France or UK
Killian is initially sentenced to death by a court martial, but on Duncan's intervention is declared mad and locked up in a mental institute.

Other Immortals
bulletSimon Killian

bulletSean Allan has a few genre credits to his name, including The X-Files, The Sentinel and Da Vinci's Inquest, and also served as a stand-in on The Fellowship of the Ring movie. He is currently serving as a director on the board of the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce - see here.
bulletLisa Butler has the distinction of playing four different characters in Highlander: she debuted as Kenny's mother in the previous episode, D6 'Reunion', and returns as Genevieve Hill in E7, 'Haunted', and Jillian O'Hara in F13, 'Not to Be'.
bulletTwo endings were filmed: one where Melissa dies, and the other where she survives. I won't spoil it by telling you which one gets used.

Solid season-four fare. The B-story between Amanda and her protégé is at best distracting, but ultimately annoying. Killian has suitable menace and method to his madness (who wouldn't be hacked off at being locked up for 70 years?), while it's also good to see Joe and Duncan start to patch up their shattered friendship. B


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