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MacLeod witnesses a grocer's wife's murder at the hands of Paul Kinman, someone he has a score to settle with. The only problem now is keeping Kinman out of jail so he can challenge him in battle while avoiding the grocer and FBI's pleas to testify against his fellow Immortal.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95408-74
bulletOriginal US airdate: 13th November, 1995
bulletWritten by: Scott Peters
bulletDirected by: Neill Fearnley
bulletGuest Cast: Peter Outerbridge (Paul Kinman), Kevin McNulty (David Markum), Jill Teed (Kaayla Brooks); Nicola Cavendish (Queen Anne), Tony Scanling (Lord Keating), Fred Henderson (Desantis), Stephen Dimopoulos (Vince Petrovic), Kevin Lesmister (Earl of Welsley), Eileen Barrett (Alice Markum), Peter Bryant (Cop)

bullet1712, England
Duncan and his friend Dennis Keating are at the court of Queen Anne. Duncan is forced to watch Kinman kill Keating over a slight - a pretext to remove Keating from the court to strengthen the hand of an opposition faction.

Other Immortals
bulletPaul Kinman

bulletPeter Outerbridge has a large swathe of credits to his name. Find out what the Toronto-born actor has been in at the IMDB, here.
bulletKevin McNulty is a recognisable face, and this is his second appearance in Highlander: the first was in A10, 'Revenge is Sweet'. He'll also be familiar to Stargate SG-1 fans as Dr Warner. Check out his full resume here.

Another solid, unspectacular story with a villain whose surname begins with 'K'. Good flashback, though. B-


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D20: Til Death (A-)
D21: Judgement Day (B)
D22: One Minute to Midnight (A-)

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