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A statue of the goddess Kali turns up at the university where Duncan teaches part-time. Hot on its heels is the mysterious Kamir (there's that 'K' thing again), someone from Duncan's past who will do whatever he can to return the statue to its spiritual home: India.

Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 95409-75
bulletOriginal US airdate: 20th November, 1995
bulletWritten by: David Tynan
bulletDirected by: Duane Clark
bulletGuest Cast: Veena Sood (Shandra Devane), Brent Stait (Colonel Ramsey), Molly Parker (Alice Ramsey), Sue Mathew (Vashti), Kabir Bedi (Kamir); Alec Willows (Martin Millay)

bullet1765, India
Duncan encounters Kamir and the cult of Thugee for the first time when he's assigned to a pompous British soldier in the heart of India.

Other Immortals

bulletKabir Bedi is a renowned Indian actor perhaps best known to Western audiences for his role as Gobinda in the James Bond movie Octopussy (explains my comment below!). Find out more about him at his official home page here.
bulletVeena Sood reprises her role as Shandra from D4, 'Leader of the Pack'.
bulletThis episode was written at the behest of Production Designer Stephen Geaghan, who wanted to stage an episode in an exotic location.
bulletBrent Stait has a huge list of credits to his name, including an appearance in an earlier episode of Highlander: A7, 'Mountain Men'. Check out his full résumé here.

This 75th episode stands out thanks to an excellent performance from Kabir Bedi (even though there are times when he lapses into 'Roger Moore' mode) and intriguing - and extended - flashback. B+


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