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Spanish swordplay, like Spanish dancing, is equal parts passion, skill, and strict discipline. The Immortal Otavio Consone is a master of both. An arrogant Spaniard who 150 years ago tried to teach MacLeod the sword art called "The Mysterious Circle," Consone vied with MacLeod for the hand of a beautiful senorita, with tragic results. Now MacLeod must protect a Flamenco artist and her daughter from Consone's revenge.

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 96514-102
bulletOriginal US airdate: 24th February, 1997
bulletWritten by: Jan Hartman
bulletDirected by: Richard Martin
bulletGuest Cast: Anthony DeLongis (Otavio Consone), Carmen DuSautoy (Anna Hidalgo), Deborah Epstein (Luisa Hidalgo), Dolores Chaplin (Theresa); Claudie Arif (Duenna), Marie Vernalde (Young Anna), Arturo Venegas (Don Diego), Monique Messine (Housekeeper), Felipe Calvarro (Rafael), Elisa Tonati (Gilda), Elsa Franco (Isabella)

bullet1851, Madrid, Spain
Duncan is learning the sword art of The Mysterious Circle from Octavio Consone when the pair find themselves in love with the same woman.
bullet1853, Madrid, Spain
Duncan returns to find Theresea, only to discover that she died in a 'tragic accident'.

Other Immortals
bulletOtavio Consone

bulletAdrian Paul gets to show off his flamenco dancing skills in this episode.
bulletThe versatile Anthony DeLongis has many acting and choreographing credits to his name. He's also the first actor to have played two different Immortals in the show, having previously appeared as Lymion Surlow in C10, 'Blackmail'. Valentine Pelka has since emulated DeLongis, playing Kronos in Highlander, and Andre Korda (yet another 'K') in Highlander: The Raven.

The show is definitely coasting to the end of its fifth season. Consone has no redeeming features whatsoever, and it marks an unwelcome return to the mustachioed-twirling villain of early Highlander.


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