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Lord Byron, the brilliant Romantic poet, is alive and well living the decadent life of a rock star. He lives life way over the edge and has taken some promising young musicians over the edge with him. When following in Byron's footsteps tragically ends the life of Dawson's protégé, MacLeod is faced with a decision - is the beauty and genius that is Byron worth the rising cost in mortal lives?

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 96517-105
bulletOriginal US airdate: 12th May, 1997
bulletWritten by: Dom Tordjmann
bulletDirected by: Paolo Barzman
bulletGuest Cast: Peter Wingfield (Methos), Jonathan Firth (Lord Byron), Jeffrey Ribier (Mike), Barbara Keogh (Mary Shelley); Michel Modo (Maurice), Katie Carr (Claire Clairmont), Christopher Staines (Percy Shelley), F Braun McAsh (Hans Kershner), Don Foran (Jerry)

bullet1816, Switzerland
Byron and Methos are friends, and in the company of one Mary Shelley.

Other Immortals
bulletLord Byron

bulletJonathan Firth is younger brother to Colin, who is best known for his roles in BBC TV's Pride and Prejudice and Working Title's Love Actually.
bulletI recently saw Christopher Staines in Bath performing in She Stoops to Conquer, an 18th Century play by Oliver Goldsmith.
bulletMore tales of real-life events inspiring the series. Shelley did meet Byron in Switzerland that year, and did claim to be inspired to write Frankenstein as a result of her stay.
bulletMichel Modo makes a (very) brief cameo return as Maurice.

A decent episode - Peter Wingfield carries the flashbacks superbly, and it's still a wonder why he wasn't given the nod to lead the spin-off series. B+


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