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Richie returns, unsure of where he stands. The last time he saw Duncan, he nearly lost his head. In the meantime, he's been taking heads himself, but unfortunately the rather experienced friend of one of those heads is now after him.

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 96502-90
bulletOriginal US airdate: 7th October, 1996
bulletWritten by: Morrie Ruvinsky
bulletDirected by: Gerard Hameline
bulletGuest Cast: Réal Andrews (Haresh Clay), Chris Humphreys (Graham Ashe), Chris Martin (Carter Wellan); Rachel Hayward (Delila), Gerry Rousseau (Raymond Fairchild), Gary Jones (Hotel Guest)

bullet1657, Southern Europe
Mac and Ashe are sparring, when Haresh Clay and Carter Wellan appear. Ashe and Duncan try to make for Holy Ground, but Clay catches Ashe before he can make it...

Other Immortals
bulletHaresh Clay
bulletCarter Wellan
bulletGraham Ashe

bulletGraham Ashe once tutored Ramierez, Connor MacLeod's first mentor.
bulletRéal Andrews is probably best known for his role on long-running soap General Hospital and its spin-off Port Charles, where he plays Detective Marcus Taggart. Visit his fan club here.
bulletCanadian-born Chris Humphreys was raised in the UK, has made numerous appearances on British TV in The Bill and Coronation Street among others before heading back to Canada for six years, during which time he landed the role of Ashe in Highlander. He's now based back in London where he's carved a niche for himself as an author of historical novels. Check out his official - and fascinating - Web site here.

Richie returns in style, with an episode that's fast-paced and entertaining from start to finish.


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Paris episodes
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E17: The Modern Prometheus (B+)
E18: Archangel (B)

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