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Remember Carl Robinson (see B9, Run for Your Life)? Less than three years after resurrecting his life as a Major League baseball player, and he's forced on the run again. This time, someone witnessed him kill another Immortal atop the baseball stadium, and now Immortal law man Matthew McCormick is after him.

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 96503-91
bulletOriginal US airdate: 14th October, 1996
bulletWritten by: David Tynan
bulletDirected by: Peter Ellis
bulletGuest Cast: Bruce A. Young (Carl Robinson), Eric McCormack (Matthew McCormick), Eric Keenleyside (Trey Franks); Stephen Dimopoulos (Seth Hobart), Aaron Pearl (Corman), Jim Leard (Detective Frayne), Chris Villarruel (Fan), Rhys Williams (Talbot), Kevin Hansen (Clayton Hobart), Jo Bates (Glenda) 

bullet1859, Louisiana, USA
Carl becomes Immortal and is taken in by Matthew McCormick who teaches him about The Game and how to survive.
bullet1926, Louisiana, USA
Carl and Duncan's first meeting is showed again (originally screened in B9, 'Run for Your Life').

Other Immortals
bulletCarl Robinson
bulletMatthew McCormick

bulletThis is Bruce Young's second appearance as Carl Robinson in Highlander: The Series.
bulletEric McCormack has since gone on to major fame as the eponymous Will in Will and Grace. A personal highlight is his starring role in Free Enterprise opposite William Shatner. Check out his official site here.

It's great to dip into another Immortal's history for a change - all the flashbacks chronicle Carl's early Immortal life, but the present-day scenes are less compulsive viewing. B+


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