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Derek's faith in God helped save him from a violent life on the urban streets. When the young gospel singer is killed in a drive-by shooting, he awakens in the arms of God and is given the gift of eternal life. But what's he to do when that God recruits him as a warrior in the Holy War against Satan - and Satan turns out to be Duncan MacLeod?

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Production Notes
bulletProduction number: 96508-96
bulletOriginal US airdate: 18th November, 1996
bulletWritten by: Richard Gilbert Hill
bulletDirected by: Rafal Zielinski
bulletGuest Cast: Andrew Divoff (Gavriel Larca), Roger R Cross (Derek Worth), Nathaniel Deveaux (Reverend Bell); Steve Bacic (Luke), Terry Barclay (Paco), Christopher J. P. Racasa (Enrique), Kira Clavell (Coyantu)

bullet1830, Peru
Mac first encounters Larca when exploring in Peru. Larca has set himself up as a god of an Indian tribe and intends Mac to be his next sacrifice.

Other Immortals
bulletGavriel Larca
bulletDerek Worth

bulletAndrew Divoff previously appeared as the mortal Bryan Slade in A6, 'Bad Day in Building A'.
bulletAccording to notes made by the Watchers, Larca hails from 15th Century Portugal, was a lawyer, then a pirate by 1510 and finally disappeared in Peru in 1526.
bulletJoe also reveals many other interesting things about the Watchers, including the fact that Duncan was 'watched' by a man named Rodney Fergus, who fought alongside him at Waterloo and later sailed to the New World with him.
bulletCarl Robinson (from B9, 'Run for Your Life' and E3, 'Manhunt') becomes Derek's teacher at the end of the episode.

One of my all-time favourite episodes, this is the perfect tale of what happens when an Immortal abuses his power. Joe's insights into the Watchers are also fascinating. A


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