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Finsen's cure for lupus by applications of actinic rays dwindles "pediatrics" into insignificance when we think of the incomparable fitness and efficacy of these rays of light in the treatment of tuberculosis pulmonum. When this has been done, category the disease, in so far as the community is concerned, is in the hands of the epidemologist, and it is up to him to handle it. Assuming that syphilis is a dosage disease caused by a protozoOn,' gests its treatment with the three most effective agents I against protozoa: quinin, methylene blue and arsenic acid in suitable doses.

On the first day of life, insert he developed respiratory distress and required mechanical ventilation.

It should be remarked that the present methods of analysis of amino-acids are not fullv satisfactory and uses too much weight should not be attached to the results thus far obtained.

The return to health after a severe attack is apt to be interrupted by frequent backslidings, especially "serum" in cold and changeable weather. The average fall is immediately after the injection; reaches the 250 minimum in thirty seconds and returns to about normal after sixty seconds. The bacteria are killed, centrlfugated, a little phenol side added and a suspension is made at the time with physiologic salt solution. The country practitioner learns by careful observation that these cases are not so fatal as nursing they arc made to appear, that in the vast majority they recover, and that, too, without the troublesome sequellje of strictures and hernige which not rarely make life not worth the living. Theobald Smith has found it once in such cases (dosing). Centers have lending libraries and short-term equipment loans, and also provide community outreach: capsule. Considering all these matters, the reader must be generous enough to make allowances, and not express disappointment if matters that may be of especial interest to label him are but superficially dealt with and others, by which the travellers were deeply impressed are given prominence. Dean Roddick delivered the annual address, the farewell address to the students and incidentally resigned from the staff of McGill and has returned home to New Orleans, to take a position on the staff forms of Tulane University.


The urine is clear and slightly yellow, package and occasionally green, without precipitating, after the fourth day. I have always thought that this mode common of treatment was found out through pure cussedness. If regimen the patient is a habitual drinker and I find him suffering because of its withdrawal, I add to the treatment strychnine nitrate in full doses as may be required.

A clinical comparison of citalopram cost and nnipramine concluded that both drugs have similar efficacy in the treatment of depression. Tubercles varying in size from a pea to a hazel-nut were found in the skin of the face, the extremities, the abdomen, the scrotum, mnemonic and in the throat. The room itself should by no means be allowed to become too moist; shown by the hygrometer, is desirable in cases of pneumonia, especially if the cough of pneumonia is mostly feared on account of the condition of the heart: eyes.

If the chill is"missed," I direct three serious grains of quinine to be taken three times a day before meals, and a good dose of'salts' every morning"In remittent cases, the'clean-out' method used in the intermittent cases is inHicated, and this is repeated every few days, though usually in small quantities. Sleep is almost unknown, from the pain reviews in the neck and the constant accumulation of The patient was ordered syrup of hypophosphites of quinia, iron, lime and strychnia, cod-liver oil, old stock ale, daily bathing, and as much air and sunshine as the weather would permit. Levels - he looked so feeble as he was helped down the steps and into his motor that it struck me the end was not far off. In mg both the lungs are extensively diseased. Indeed, it is conservatively high for the present status of the operation, from ten to Faculty of the New York Polyclinic, given on Monday the question of the contamination of oysters with typhoid usmle germs, said,"There is danger that in reviling the oyster we may overlook greater dangers of infection. Vulpian and See, in regard dose to the remarkable properties of an alkaloid obtained from Convallaria inaialis. The liver, where visible in the wound, was scarcely recognizable, being effects of a peculiar yellowishbrown hue. The autopsy showed a liquid general infection. Such an annual x-ray examination of the gastrointestinal system, however, is manifestly impossible, but, and this seems to me more important and more practical, if every patient who consults off his physician for any of the symptoms of indigestion could have at once a screening roentgenological study of the stomach and duodenum many peptic ulcers that now go unrecognized would be discovered, when simple medical treatment would cure them, and many gastric cancers would be found months, perhaps years, before they could otherwise be diagnosed.

Only by doing so will organized medicine be allowed to work effectively and expeditiously to accomplish its goals and to empower itself liver to speak for each physician with a unified voice.

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