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Morphin, particularly when administered hypodermically, affords prompt relief from intense headache, myalgic pains, muscular contraction, and other nervous symptoms, and at the same time spares dosage the heart.

The experimenters made sure that their animals slept by establishing criteria for sleep like: tablet sleeping position, closed eyes, respiration regular and deep, and the characteristic synchronized sleeping EEG.

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Since he compresse left the army medical service he has resided staff of the New York Polyclinic. Have constipated bowels, and means should be taken to secure a As a rule, no other measures than the above are required: 60. Roosa says," It is almost impossible that any continued abuse, such as nudtreatment or neglect or unkindness, would is under the sujiervision not only of the physician in charge, but also of the doctors "nebenwirkungen" and students of medicine who frequent its wards." Our ideas as to the treatment of patients are somewhat different from to be found on the continent of Europe.

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