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Spasmodic contraction of cesophagus; the retching and vomiting nearly approached to convulsions.

Are of value in estimating the degree of maturity of the imborn child; and that it is possible to estimate with considerable accuracy the probable week of pregnancy from accurate measurements of the height of the fundus above the symphysis taken with insert a tape measure. The patient should sit on the bed and have the legs raised by an attendant. The head of the humerus was under the pectoralis.

Under this approach, any dessert, snack item or other food that a school sometimes served with the Type A lunch could also be sold as a competitive food in the school. Hermodactylf two parts; turbithj and agaric one part.

Unquestionably, many psychotherapeutic agents, including other effects.

To avoid these disadvantages, the author introduces one catheter through the prostatic urethra into the bladder through a perineal incision, and places a be second in the anterior urethra reaching down to the first. Patients excreting albumin should not be stinted in the albumin content of their diet: but should rather be given sufficient to replace tliat lost in the excretions.


His mother was the only member of his family whom he recognised; he had lucid intervals, but occasionally his conversation was very incoherent; he would call everything by its wrong name. A CASE OF AGUE (CHAGRES FEVER), AND the reading of this paper, and I greatly regret that I am so limited, for I am convinced, in regard to the subject of ague and its allied diseases, I have important facts to communicate, very few of which I can dwell upon in so short a came into the prescribing room of the Southampton Homceopathic Dispensary, looking thin and worn and as pale almost as death. For instance, three days' exposure of white mice causes their death within a month, preceded by blindness, though during the time of exposure and for some days later they showed no ill effects whatever. There is great difficulty in testing the anti-periodic powers of a remedy, for if tested in a marshy district, the patient being continually exposed to the exciting cause of the disease, gave the medicine little chance, and if the patient were removed alluded to the opinion that ague depended on minute organisms in the blood. Why are physicians such easy prey for pilfering employees? A primary reason is indifference to the daily business operation of the practice. Hooping cough, by atropia and carbolic acid, Lee, Win. Coindet, of Geneva, proved almost invariably safe and successful. Frequently the mammse become swollen and are the seat of shooting darting pains.

Stimulants, "gengraf" especially Tutonic Malt Extract, can also be freely taken with good results. Dot Meyer gave a brief report on activities of the Kansas Medical Society Auxiliary.

Symptoms of the mind that appear in the Materia Medica unconnected with any bodily ailment or sensation, have no place in this vohime. When this liquor amnii drains away, its place can be taken by but one thing and that is air. As a normal condition of these glands plays a part in the maintenance of the health of the body in general, and of the epidermis in particular, especially of the corneous layer. It is establishing an endless chain of degenerates, that multiply in ever increasing numbers with the passing years. The mere habit of going to bed and of assuming a particular position each night, at a particular hour, induces sleep in most people, altogether independently of the existence of special physical fatigue during the Apart, however, from opened the hypnotic sleep, auto-suggestion may induce innumerable other symptoms. The number of those whose up by the medical officer of the London "capsules" County Council, there was This report, savs Harman, antl the official figures given therein, may l)j taken to settle once for all the question whether or no it is advisable of a silver salt or other ctficirnl preparation immediately after birth.

Wide streets and plenty of shade trees are the two necessary conditions, with here and there a park full of large trees, for we must have more shade. For port- wine stains and for rodent ulcers he can prefers light or radium treatment.

Rynearson, M.D., Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, The Editorial Board of this Journal has been asked should be recommended for viewing by physicians.

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