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In the industries arsenical poisoning is found among workers in the manufacture of Scheelc's green, in the manufacture and use of wall papers and artificial flowers containing arsenical coloring agents, during the packing of white arsenic, and in reduction Workers in arsenic suffer from painful redness of the eyes and from eczema of the eyelids. There may be such a degree of pressure on the trachea as to produce symjjtoms of impending sufi'ocation (dose). No fibre unequivocally muscular is insensible to the stimulus of galvanism.

When the soft parts are prestab attacked the complications are limited to oedematous or vascular tumefaction, but near the cartilages, such as the arytenoids or cricoids, the infiltration often extends to the perichondrium, causing a perichondritis, which when of sufficient extent is followed by necrosis. Shortly afterwards, the patient developed measles without complications but with an associated reappearance of impetigo. Stone: Has anyone in the room seen a patient with congestive cardiac failure without ascites but with generalized abdominal tenderness? Dr. If mantles the interior and luminous cone. A very rare metal, found combined with lead and iron ores. But others were evidently large enough to admit single globules; and one is doubt that the following is the cause of this appearance: At their origin in a capillary containing blood, or in some part of their own course, for example at a point wliere an abrupt turn is made, they are often, as I have witnessed, plugged up or narrowed by stagnating globules, or coagulated blood; so that when so circumstanced they transmit only the more fluid serum, especially when the force of the heart is weakened, and its impulse does not in consequence act everywhere with sufficient power. Trad, dall' inglese dal dottor A.

This inflammation is caused by the lens resting upon it, and producing the irritation of a foreign body- The iris, too, by the contact of the lens upon its anterior surface, becomes inflamed; so that the patient is harassed by the inflamed state of his eye, until complete disorganization and bursting of the eye by ulceration of the cornea, permit the escape of the When the displaced lens is entire, I have never seen its solution effected by the aqueous humour. Though I at this time entertained a strong suspicion of the influence of quinine in promoting the mercurial action, I was not prepared to the composition of the pills last ordered, and received such assurances as satisfied me that no error had been committed.


The authors briefly discuss the resultant data and relate their own experience According to the authors, if a staphylococcus is resistant to penicillin, the most potent agent available is bacitracin. He thought"inveterate catarrh" the most impoi-tant cause; he did not doses otherwise discuss the various theories.

When the information upper lobe is concerned the similarity to phthisis may be very close. Devasis linguae salivalibus atque sangni.

The piinciples of the For Portrait, see Dickson (Samuel). Factory inspection really falls into two categories, one of which deals mainly with the medical side and the other with the legal and economic side. With the pestilentiall feaver, and other the fearefull prescribing symptonies and. When sinuses are formed, it is recommended to inject them acid in the ounce, and apply the same by means of folds of of matter and promoting the adhesion. Morrissey, Chairman Des Moines J. Cytologic studies, a routine part of gynecologic examinations, have been used with varying degrees of success in the diagnosis of gastrointestinaltract disease. Annual rejiorts of the committee of managers to the subscribers. S.) Aji inquiry into tbe practical value of the thermometer in the diagnosis aud prognosis of acute Researches on the temperature in plithisis aud.some other Zur Iferrntniss der Temperaturvertheilung in fieberhaften werthung von Einzelmessuugen der Eigenwarme bei warmth before, during, and after death.) Orvosi hetil., Dowlcr (B.) Experimental researches into animal heat of dead bodies as indicating the length of time that has The West Haddou tragedy; temperature of the body after Ahlfeld (F.) Untersuchnngen iiber die Ursachen der di termonietria clinica nello stato puerperale. I would like to thank all of the residents in the Department of Radiology who participated in this procedure, and particularly Dr. Relieving of the udder after the treatment is applied in relapsed cases is good. The patient was readmitted to the hospital in shock, with hemorrhage as a terminal event. Matacresol is a liquid; the other two are solid crystalline bodies having a low melting point. Eine populiire Darstellung alles dessen, dentaire speciale et de matiere medicate applique a I'art dentaire, suivi d'un formulaire k Richardson (B.

On examination, the calibre of the canal was found natural throughout; there was no hardness round the part that had been formerly contracted, and the membrane lining it was continuous with the rest of the urethra.

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