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You know the old adage about how there can be only one? Er, how do you feel about the idea that there are hundreds - maybe even thousands - of Immortals still walking among us today? In order to survive over 100 episodes, Highlander: The Series turned the idea that there were merely a handful of Immortals left to duel for The Prize on its head, and in this part of the Highlander A-Z, you're going to meet them all. Have your sword ready...

I've divided this part of the site into seven sections, six for each series of the show and another for the movie, Highlander: Endgame. Now Highlander: The Raven has been given a DVD release, I'll add those Immortals to the list too as soon as I've picked up a copy. I've listed each Immortal in order of the episode in which they first appeared, and each entry contains cross-references to the episodes they appeared in, and lists whether or not their head is still on their shoulders, so beware spoilers! Immortals who appeared in flashback only (on account of losing their head in the past) are also listed, but in italics to differentiate them from those who survived to the end of the 20th Century and beyond. I've also included Immortals who are name-checked in the series, but not actually shown on-screen.

It's well worth going through the list - you'll be surprised at the number of familiar faces you'll see. Check out the Did You Know? section for more information.

bulletSeason one (1992-3) is where we meet Duncan MacLeod - obviously - and watch him face the likes of Slan Quince, Grayson, Darius and Hugh Fitzcairn.
bulletSeason two (1993-4) sees Richard Ryan achieve Immortality, while Carl Robinson makes the first of two appearances and Duncan faces off against Nefertiri - Cleopatra's hand maiden, Thomas Sullivan and Nicholas Ward among others.
bulletSeason three (1994-5) sees MacLeod face his most demanding enemy yet in the guise of Kalas, but he also finds time to encounter John Durgan, Kenny, Ceirdwyn and some bloke called Methos.
bulletSeason four (1995-6) introduces us to the delights of Kanwulf, Peter Kanis, Sean Burns and Kamir, among numerous others.
bulletSeason five (1996-7) reveals that Steven Keane, Cassandra, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, Gavriel Larca, Cory Raines and Johnny K are all Immortal, and about to collide with Duncan MacLeod.
bulletSeason six (1997-8) showcases five female Immortals, all of whom were considered as possible leads for the spin-off show (eventually won by Elizabeth Gracen's Amanda). There were also encounters with Liam O'Rourke, Willie Kingsley and more besides.
bulletHighlander: Endgame (2000) saw Jacob Kell - a fellow Highlander - finally reveal his centuries-long vendetta against Connor MacLeod. Meet Faith - once wife to Duncan MacLeod, Jin Ke and other members of Kell's Immortals-only gang.

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Find out which Immortals have appeared in Highlander: The Series with this definitive list

Season One
Part 1: Duncan MacLeod-Andrew Ballin
Part 2: Grayson-Hugh Fitzcairn

Season Two
Part 1: Gregor Powers-Michel de Bourgogne
Part 2: Nicholas Ward-Charles Browning

Season Three
Part 1: Michael Kent-John Garrick
Part 2: Lymon Kurlow-John Kage
Part 3: Brother Paul-Graydon Hammer

Season Four
Part 1: Kanwulf-Claudia Jardine
Part 2: James Coltec-Irena Galati

Season Five
Part 1: Cassandra-Gerard Kragan
Part 2: Gavriel Larca-Lord Byron

Season Six
Part 1: Alex Raven-Liam O'Rourke

Endgame: Jacob Kell-Winston



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