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Immortals (season 2, part 1)
Immortal Born Episodes Status Pen pic
The Kurgan (Clancy Brown) c1425,
Northern Russia
B1 Deceased (Connor MacLeod, 1985)
Gregor Powers (Joel Wiker) 1678,
Baden, Germany
B2 Alive
Michael Moore (Geraint Wyn Davies) 1804, Cincinnati,
B3 Deceased (Duncan)
James Vincent (Adrian
Chicago, USA
B4 Deceased (Pallin Wolf)
Richie Ryan (Stan Kirsch) 1974,
Seacouver, USA
A1-B4 (mortal), B5-B7, B9-B12, B20-B22, C2, C6, C7, C11-C18, D3-D5, D8-D10, D13, E2, E6, E7, E9, E13, E18, F13 Deceased (Duncan)
Annie Devlin (Sheena Easton) 1855,
Dublin, Ireland
B5 Alive
Carl Robinson (Bruce A Young) 1824,
B9, E3 Alive
Anthony Gallen (Roddy Piper) 1813,
Harrisburg, USA
B10 Deceased (Duncan)
Thomas Sullivan
(Bruce Weitz)
Kilkenny, Ireland
B11 Deceased (Duncan)
Mako (Jonathan Banks) c1260,
Durham, England
B12 Deceased (Richie)
Anton Le Gris (Philippe
Deauville, France
B14 Deceased (Xavier St Cloud)
Jason Talbott (Roark Critchlow) 1939,
New York,
B14 Deceased (Xavier St Cloud)
Michel de Bourgogne (Franck Dubosc) 1432, Burgoyne, Belgium B14 Deceased (Duncan, 1670)

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Find out which Immortals have appeared in Highlander: The Series with this definitive list

Season One
Part 1: Duncan MacLeod-Andrew Ballin
Part 2: Grayson-Hugh Fitzcairn

Season Two
Part 1: Gregor Powers-Michel de Bourgogne
Part 2: Nicholas Ward-Charles Browning

Season Three
Part 1: Michael Kent-John Garrick
Part 2: Lymon Kurlow-John Kage
Part 3: Brother Paul-Graydon Hammer

Season Four
Part 1: Kanwulf-Claudia Jardine
Part 2: James Coltec-Irena Galati

Season Five
Part 1: Cassandra-Gerard Kragan
Part 2: Gavriel Larca-Lord Byron

Season Six
Part 1: Alex Raven-Liam O'Rourke

Endgame: Jacob Kell-Winston



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