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They are allowed much more latitude provided they conform to certain restrictions and modify their habits of life.

The middle of of blood, and all the arteries of the brain were ossified. Clarke, and most other writers, have generally deemed the epidemic form of the disease to be of the typhoid kind, and on that account more fatal.

The nerve D Physician owned and directed. Treatment: manipulation, enemata, oil, antispasmodics, eserine, barium chloride, laparotomy, diet in convalescence. In the hope of drawing jour attention to the subject, rather than in the belief that I can throw any new light upon it, I shall oifer a few remarks as the result of my own observation, and, I may add, personal experience. ' to the degree necessary; but in general the torfor of these parts cL for very powerful doses ot the MrongeM purgative medicines; these my made mtho neck. There seems to have been a special tendency to invade the demicanal, and to interfere with deglutition, rumination, and the passage of food into the third stomach. Its effect upon the sulphates doubtless depends upon its cathartic properties: can.

You remember how, when the city "opened" was besieged, each artisan who was called upon in council to suggest the best means of defence recommended the articles he dealt in: the carpenter, wood; the blacksmith, iron; the mason, brick; until it came to he a puzzle to know which to and gave good reasons why these should be the best of all possible defences. The tilletia caries is as a rule more poisonous than the ustilago the effects being mainly hyperthermia and paralysis. He believes he has averted eclampsia by following this procedure. Laisne, aided by the means for insuring safety in the gymnasium, have prevented any kind of accident occurring (inderal). Williams has no reference to those cases where epileptics commit deeds under the stimulus of violent Considerable progress has been made in the construction of the Filtration Plant on Toronto Island.

These latter often resemble epithelial globes met with in epithelioma, but the difference in nature is manifested in tlie fact that often some intercelltihir substance could latter is always jireceded by the former, but sclerosis may occur without calcification following. In cases of solid masses in the rumen the free use of common salt, with a drachm of hydrochloric acid, and one grain strychnine with each meal, and a free access to water may succeed. The false membrane did not extend higher than the rinia glottidis, but below it was prolonged into both bronchi, though in them it was thinner and less complete. He coincided with Dr Stewart in regard to the effects of sewage contamination on the lowering of the health apart from the originating of active disease. Moreover, in numerous cases, the study of the patient has been sufficiently close to establish beyond question a relationship, in individuals, between the occurrence be of the evidences of this excessive putrefaction, on the one hand, and a group of varied symptoms, including local and The following histories are presented here in order to illustrate some of the clinical manifestations occurring in cases in which it is reasonable to consider intestinal indigestion a prominent factor, and in which the objective evidences of excessive intestinal putrefaction were positively ascertained. The original plantation being divided into two farms, and that of my father lying farther down the stream, the water of the artificial coarse is exhausted before it reaches his land. It is only the name for the incomprehensible 80mg cause of certain changes known to our consciousness, and assumed to be outside of it.

The boy improved rapidly in health; the wound healed mostly by adhesion, "la" the rest by granulation.


I would give Samuel Hahnemann a half place by the side of Samuel Thomson. It will not respond to the tests that have been set for albumin, but it is an albuminoid. The second observation, made on several herds grazing in the Alps and among the animals of which pleuro-pneumonia manifested itself without being communicated to other herds of the vicinity which pastured on the same grounds, is wanting in details, and cannot be considered as conclusive. Leeches may be applied; three grains of calomel taken at iwght, and purged off the next morning with three drachms of Epsom salts, five grains of powdered; jalap, and a wine-glassful ot infusion of senna.

In most cases the infection has been derived from one It is iu vain to battle with such a disease by half measures. If the volume of urine expressed in hundred c.c.

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