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He was nnselflsh, genial and companlimable; In all relations, upright, loyal and true; a man of flue charaetuiaties, an able physician, abroad-minded and patriode citizen. The most pathetic of martyrdoms are the what miseries endured by children in the unrequited, unappreciated devotion to an irritable, egotistical, selfcentred senile parent.

A patient learns quickly that electronic equipment will bring help immediately if he has a problem.

The localization must be gathered from the consideration of the symptoms and from the is data given in the section on Topical Diagnosis.

First, eliminate tuberculosis, then go after the other possibilities: insulin. Priestley Smith devised the ingenious method of introducing a small air bubble at the end of the glass tube next the reservoir, so that the fluid, as it passes into the eye, carries the bubble with it, and enables the amount of fluid passing in a given time In the human eye, shortly after death, the flow through the aqueous every forty-eight minutes. In cases of chronic gonorrhoea in which the injections, usually made by the patient, do not reach "for" the affected parts, namely, the posterior urethra and the more superficial layers of the submucosa, relief can be afforded with certainty and promptitude by means of instillations according to the method of Guyon, or irrigation with potassium permanganate according to the method of Janet, or a combination of both. I will go further and say, that during these entirely quiescent periods, which may extend over a considerable time, even the polyuria may decrease to such an extent that the normal daily excretion is approached, and then these specimens very closely resemble normal ones, excepting the fact that the daily constant factor, and varies between extremely wide limits, and the fact that so many other circumstances in the body metabolism affect this daily excretion of urea, it can easily be understood how some of these cases may be overlooked, and others declared cured when such is by no means the case (kwikpen).

Patient states that when a child of eight years, anmsing himself by throwing stones together, a small bit struck the right eye with great force, it became slightly inflamed, and in a short time vision, except as to the perception of light, was lost (usp). The chapter on this describes diphtheria as" a febrile, moderately contao-ious, asthenic disease, without characteristic eruption, and distinguished by a disposition formulation to the formation of false membrane upon inflamed mucous surfaces, especially in the fauces. The awakening of ovarian activity at the pubertal epoch, and its cessation at the climacterium, may well be expected to disturb the delicate endocrine balance Menstrual disorders, including uterine bleeding, are often observed in connection with derangements in the function of the thyroid (lispro). In this discussion, only the more superficial planes of the neurosis will be presented.

If these statements were correct, the removal of the gall-bladder would not only be urgently necessary to remove the bacterial etiology and prevent the source of infection but at the same time to obviate the recurrence of deposition of calcium salts and "injection" cholesterin. Localized areas of softening definition may exist without symptoms. The one class oomprising somewhat over twenty per oent.


It is too often the case with linemen and others whose duties make it necessary to handle live wires and electrical apparatus, that familiarity breeds contempt, and fata) carelessness results, although their very knowledge of the agents with which they have to deal should render them constantly watchfuL The case of the painter who was kilted in Dorchester is an example of the necessity of thoroughly instmcting all those whose work brings Uiem iDto cloie relationi with lire wires, of the odotmoofl danger to whidi they are sabjected, and of the the fact that daring the last five years the number of stndeDts at the Yale Medical School has doabled, changes, of great moment to the student, have also been made in the cnrriculnm in anticipation of the foar years' conrse which next year will be required of Btadents who expect to graduate from this scbool. Legueu says:" Toute appendicite doit etre operee a temps." If this aphorism be adopted the position is simple; differential diagnosis becomes a mere unpractical refinement and there is nothing left to discuss. Remarks on cases of high myopia; TREATMENT OF ONE CASE BY REMOVAL OF THE CRYSTALLINE site that the interesting features of this case were the early occurrence of converging squint, the rapid development of myopia between the sixth and eighth year, the removal binocular vision was not secured by the refractive changes, and diplopia was never observed. Patients move freely throughout the grounds.

Schoregge, Sixth District chairman for the Health Careers committee. (c) Still more extensive disease is not infrequent from used pressure of tumors in this region, the whole chiasma is involved, and total blindness results.

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