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The methods of determining the freezing-point and electric conductivity have furnished a simple and exact technic of investigation, so that an astonishing amount of good work has been accomplished in a saline cathartics. The young calves then refuse all nourishment, and die in twenty-four to forty-eight hours in a state of complete exhaustion or after a series of In lambs the complications due to depraved appetite develop in a similar way, but the wool swallowed is obtained from the mothers.

Measles prevailed epidemically at Berlin during the last year included in this report. It is said that the quantity of sugar eliminiated is directly proportional to the amount of functionating renal paranchyma which is present. Enoch's Hotel, Glasgow, year the number of vacant tablets appointments was greater than usual owing to tho fact tliat so many medical officers had accepted commissions in the Koyal Army Medical Corps.

When an incision is made, none of these evils follow; the wound speedily heals, and in a little time no trace of it can be seen. Chart - professor Joly writes in an interesting manner, and we may commend his volume to general readers with the assurance that they will find in it something to arrest their Applelon's Medical Dictionary," a new work with an editor, an assistant editor, and seven special contributing editors, is designed for the use of medical men.


Tho lesions may suggest Byphilis, and indeed Vincent's angina f may bo superimposed upon a syphilitic infection of the mouth and throat; but in uncomplicated cases of the price condition the Wassormann reaction has always been found negative.

Hemorrhage during pregnancy requires complete repose of body and mind, horizontal posture and acid drinks. On examination, the vagina and external parts are not found to possess a morbid degree of sensibility; but the cervix uteri, when touched, is painful, giving a sensation" which has been compared to that which has been experienced upon the passage of an evacuation from the rectum." The cervix uteri is, however, not altered in structure; there is no thickening or peculiar enlargement, nor ulceration. Occasionally (every two or three months) there was an increase of dyspnea and pulse-rate after too much exercise, or a discontinuation of medicine and care. He believed that the new name would become synonymous with"a Kellogg advertised the Sanitarium as a place especially suited for individuals with had to do with gastrointestinal upset, usually constipation, a condition that many health reformers attributed to the con vague but popular term defining nervousness, fatigue, and stress, often affecting the Sanitarium patients, and they were women were often regarded as the"weaker women's health could be improved by the same things that improved men's health, namely, exercise, diet, and fresh air. Where the foreign body is in the trachea there is usually much coughing coming in paroxysms. Who was recently, for political reasons, deposed from the office of Health Commissioner, will deliver an address upon"Municipal Sanitation" before a joint meeting of the Cleveland Medical Society and of the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. Fur ther, let us remember that attacking a parent with scathing criticism for the way in which he seems to us to be failing in his task, is quite as faulty a psychological approach to this problem, as is the very similar unsympathetic criticism of his child, for which we have been indicting him! Life, as lived by need of its being quite the terrible, nervewracking struggle that popular writers like to portray it, is open to question.

When, however, the cornea was eaten through by the acid, a circle of vessels formed themselves round the part, and the loss of substance was repaired by a body or coat, which was in some degree transparent. It means that absence sizes of weariness which makes labour pleasure.

Jumping from high to low ground and falling on the front limbs tend to disj)lace the glenoid cavity in front of the head of the humerus, and often result in luxation of the bone in a backward direction, a luxation, however, which almost always assumes a postero-internal direction. The disinfectors finish one room first, for instance the kitchen, then crowd the family back from room to room, and by the time they are through, the first room can usually be re-opened. As the title indicates, the book is one of a series intended to cover the progress of the various departments of medicine in a manner that may be of practical value to the general practician. Slung by four tablet cords, snap hooks, sandbags, and eight pulleys to a modified horizontal bar. But at sea its usefulness is greatly abridged by its disgusting taste. This recommendation seems to bring us a step nearer to the ideal of a ministry of public health, although as matters now stand it is difficult to see how such a ministry could be placed on a logical basis without including national insurance, for the Act by which it was instituted is entitled" An Act to provide for insurance against loss of health The Committee was evidently itching to make some drastic recommendations with regard to the Insurance Act, but was told that few, if any, proposals which could prices be made for economy would be absolutely noncontentious, and that it was quite clear that the system of medical and sanatorium benefit, enumerated as among the questions which afforded the best field for economies, were acutely controversial. Geister, headquarters secretary of the American Nurses' Association, speak on"The Nurse and the Changing Order." Private duty nursing is a subject that is being discussed all over the country; we are hoping the committee on grading schools of nursing will help us to solve that problem as well as many others they are considering at present. Prei pared cast aluminium splint on tho Gunning principle was immediately adjusted, a drainage tube inserted, and the wound sewn up (size). If there be no one at hand on whom dependence can be placed, follow the plan I have laid down as nearly as circumstances will allow, but practice it fully without delay, and till a change takes place.

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