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Close bedrooms, heavy bed-clothes, the bad habit of sleeping with the head covered, and the common custom of tucking children up in bed so that they cannot move their limbs freely, may account for these and other forms of nightmare, how especially the paraplegic variety. The Blood Serum of Pregnant Animals; Its "over" Relation over five hundred pregnancies of women and animals. You are not going into the pathological condition or into infiltrated tissues, the structures that surround the cancer, if you do a lumbar oolotomy, that you would in doing an inguinal colotomy. Pledgets of absorbent cotton, saturated with Monsel's solution, were then pressed into the umbilicus and held there. Assistant Professor of Smithen, Charles. Ladochokinesia in cerebellar disease, Ears, the, disease of, and abscess of the brain, Emotion, facial movements, and the optic Endocarditis and latent cerebral abscess, Enophthalmos in thrombosis of the posterior Eyeball, morements of the, and the angular Face, hemispasm or histrionic spasm of the, Fillet, the mesial, and cutaneous sensibility, Fundus oculi, the, -in amaurotic family H'-niiataxia in lesions of the crura cerebri, Jlypt-rostosis, cranial, in general paralysis, Infarction of the lung in cerebral occlusion, Kernig's sign, in meningococcic meningitis, Knee-jerks, the (see also Reflexes), in lesions Levator palpebrae superioris, the, and lesions Lobe or lobule (see also Areas and Gyrus), Memory, the, and testamentary capacity, Menopause, the (see also Climacteric), and Mimetic movements and the optic thalami, Nerve, third, in lesions of the corpora in lesions of the corpora quadrigemina, Nose, the, disease of, and abscess of the Nutrition, the, in amaurotic family idiocy, in lesions of the cerebellar peduncles, Optic thalamus, see Thalamus, the optic Parkinson's disease, see Paralysis agitaus, Pseudo-angina and -asthma in neurasthenia, Respiration and the cerebral circulation, and irritation of the fronto - parietal Risus caninus vrl sardonicus in facial spasm, Salaam convulsions, in eclampsia nutans, Senses, the special, in lesions of the crura Sensibility, muscular, in lesions of the Sensori - motor functions of the Rolandic Sexual aberrations, and criminal lunacy, Sleep (see also Insomnia), and the cerebral Softening of the brain, in general paralysis, Stupidity, in lesions of the corpus: supplied. We will, therefore, try to pass a sound into the bladder for the purpose of ascertaining whether there be any disease of this viscus.

In this way hemorrhage will be slight or practically nil.

Jay Samuel Visiting Clinical Instructor in Surgery. Ordered to proceed to Chicago, ear III., for duty pertaining to the convention of the National Guard to proper station. One writer had described this condition by saying that many of these patients when presenting themselves for examination would be found to have a cracker in their pocket, so they could have something to eat whenever they began to feel this discomfort which they described as a gnawing sensation in the stomach. Malvern, strength Buxton, and Harrogate are restorative airs and have the advantages of special therapeutic means. Light rains continued during the afternoon's march, but toward evening the clouds lifted somewhat, giving us an indistinct view to the south and west. Attending Psychiatrist, New York Hospital.


Wood with large doses of quinine, a mode of treatment which has found favour more especially with many uses American physicians. Ilartwig will yield to the cystoscopists' urgent requests and pay better attention in the future to this slight but important defect, explained to him at length. Brings out a resonance due to vibrations of large areas of lung tissue lying laterally and not only under the spot which we intend to strike at the given In the diagnosis of apical lesions, when we trv to find small areas of airless tissue, it is often difficult to localize dulness when the entire pleximeter finger is applied to the chest wall (price).

The rock also contains the remains of the two well known Miocene fossils, Operculina complanata Bast, and Lithothamnium ramossissimum Ruess. Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology.

Her phobic attitude about scissors seems too evident to require lotion further comment. Pareses are more frequent than in spontaneous neurasthenia, dosage so that in this respect again the traumatic form presents resemblances to hysteria. The section on diseases of the brain, edited by Landon Martin Gray, or on rheumatism and gout, by Dr. In a few cases small doses of strychnine over in a long time are efficacious. The minimum effective dose is to be administered in all acute febrile conditions, such as phthisis pulmonalis, where autoinoculations are taking place, and where even a very short negative phase might lead to disastrous activity on the part of the invading microorganism, making possible the involvement of tissues previously unaffected, and the initiation of fresh foci of infection in hitherto uninvolved areas. Sulphite cellulose, in the common practice of blending different pulps to produce papers of certain qualities required by the trade, is relied upon for the property which it possesses of giving strength to That alkaline solutions exert a solvent action on vegetable fibers is well that purified cotton cellulose is attacked by alkalies at the high, temperatures and concentrations frequently employed for isolating paper cellulose by the soda process, and assuming that a soft wood (pine wood) contains cent of the total cellulose and other matter would be dissolved with the same strength of liquor in the same period if the digestion were to be carried on at ten atmospheres, and approximately the same solvent action is eflfected if the time (three hours) and the pressure (five atmospheres) remain unchanged, but the strength of the alkaline liquor increased to the exception in the actual practice of soda wood pulp production, and for the purpose of facilitating the mechanical loosening of the fibers and of effecting solution of the noncellular incrusting matters in the shortest possible time, pressures which are more nearly ten than five atmospheres are also adopted. I know he will conduct the business of this House as it has been done in the past several I nominate generic Dr.

The woods were barked and chipped in the usual manner and cooked by the quick-cook system, namely at high temperatures for a relatively The following conclusion are drawn from the experimental data which have been tabulated and from the general appearance and feel of the A certain excess of sulphurous acid over the amount necessary to form the bisulphite of the base is desirable, first, because it tends to prevent the formation and separation of the monosulphite of calcium, which is extremely hard to wash out and which is liable to cause specks throughout the pulp; second, it is a more economical liquor to prepare. I cannot recall seeing a case of well-marked trachoma, counter even when taken early, that was thoroughly cured by applications of copper, alum, silver, and tannin, in less than three months.

In such fits there is very evident loss of self-control, but no loss of consciousness; for the patient is not oblivious of her surroundings, may express her feelings by words or gesture, and afterwards remember all that has happened: 30ml.

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