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These findings seem to indicate that pulmonary blastomycosis and pulmonary infections with other forms of higher bacteria simulating tuberculosis are not common, and that very few, if any, of the cases diagnosed as pulmonary tuberculosis are cases of of such pulmonary infections, or else that their occurrence is epidemic rather than endemic. Kerr as being more prone to inebriety than any other; but, even if we do not look beyond Europe, the Russian is surely a severe Increased prosperity of the country means an increased consumption of alcohoUc liquors per head of the population; thus the consumption of may be taken as a general index of the prosperity of the country.


Though meant to illustrate cerebral disease as produced by heat, with his usual accuracy, he states that with the exception of engorgement of the vessels of the meninges, there was no diseased condition of the brain other than softening, while the pulmonary vessels were equally as much engorged as those of the dura and pia mater. The ball entered the left groin, passed through the bladder, and left the body at a point over the crest of the right ilium, about four inches from the spinal column. I recall a fracture of the humerus through the tuberosities with absolutely no displacement, and no more localized tenderness on pressure than is often found in strain, or synovitis. Video - it was well wired, and recently the enemy had improved the trenches.

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