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The draught of tinctura opii was increased to in four ounces of brandy, and given tvcenty minutes after the first draught.


Hamilton msds is perhaps best known from his book on fractures. The first is the avoidance of an open pneumothorax in the acute stage of the disease. On looking down upon the mitral aperture from the auricle, a projection was seen standing out from the posterior of an aneurismal pouch formed in the valve. Adhesions exist between the capsule of usp the lens and iris at its pupillary margin. Dr Cooke's observations on the distinctions of apoplexy coincide with our ideas of the subject. Lengthening, tenotomies, and tendon transplanting.

Fisher, Robert Ovens, "naloxone" Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

And I am also desirous of calling the attention of the profession to that important object of research, the morbid anatomy of the spinal cord and the diseases to which it is liable. He will write of the times of Justinian, when plagues swept the world and raged with only gradual abatement for fifty-two years; making Justinian's reign to be disgraced by a visible decrease of the human species, which has never been repaired in some of the fairest countries He will write of the times when bubonic plague caused the death of ten thousand persons each day at Constantinople over a period of months; when cities were left vacant and in several districts of Italy, the harvest withered on the ground. Meantime, we shall dissect the matter in our hands, and produce available evidence which will, we think, justify the conclusion that some kind of registration of children put to nurse is required, and that Poor-law medical officers should have a power of entering, inspecting, and regulating baby-farms.

The tuberculin tests should be given and the physical examination of the positive reactors made by physicians of the health departments and the Medical Society, and the X-ray films, one postero-anterior and one oblique, on each positive reactor, to be made by the SanatoriumX-ray department and the X-ray films to be read and the correlation of all the finding to be made by the superintendent of the sanatorium; the parents to be advised to take their children to their family physician for the correction of all defects that are found; those children classified as positive and active to be sent to the Sanatorium; those classified as positive but inactive and also those classified as"suspicious''to be placed under the special supervision of school nurses and the teachers, and if necessary, their Sanatorium. EXAMINATKiNS AT THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF SUKGEONS. Civilization too, with all her charms and blandishments, introduces among her favoured children a train of evils and diseases, which are almost unknown to the more wild and rugged Amid the sufferings and the diseases which this catalogue exhibits to our view, pulmonary consumption stands inscribed in distinguished characters of terror and devastation. They are so numerous in some places as to suggest an angioma. We bivouacked in a piece of wooded land which had been part of one of Jackson s old battle-grounds in the Creek War. These symptoms are delineated with our author's accustomed fidelity; but on the long agitated question, whether the tubercles discovered in the persons, who have died of this modification of phthisis, be really organised, or merely inorganic substances; he, though evidently inclined to the former opinion, advances no conclusive reasoning or experiment.

A case of recurrence of an hydatid cyst sds of the orbit, two years after aspiration, has come under the notice of Terson, of and the sac was thoroughly curetted. The declaration, to which we last week referred, affirming the principle of the report of the Sick Clnb Committee, that five shillings per head per annum should be the minimum payment received by surgeons of sick assurance societies, has received all but the unanimous support of the medical practitioners of the town and suburbs. It uses distilled water and injection chemically pure salt (NaCI) tablets provided. These can generally be removed by the magnet.

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