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Her pregnancy all the while went on undisturbed. Still, he thought that his failures were perhaps due to the fact that he had not employed the remedy with sufficient care, or persevered in its use for a sufficiently long period. In one case the disease was entirely arrested for a year and a half, and though it is now returning, the patient has been transformed from a wretchedly feeble, anaemic, and broken-down girl into a healthy and robust woman, although affected by epilepsy almost as badly as before.

When coming from the anterior portion of the nares the blood escapes from the nostrils, but when from the deeper parts of the nasal cavities it may pass backward and be swallowed and later vomited, or it may pass into the trachea and be coughed up. If it had been a serious wound I could not have gone at that time, but should have directed him to call on another person.

The substance of the brain was firm and bloodless. We would not be surprised if the action of these leading schools forbodes the speedy dissolution of the Association. Successful candidates, having made the required grade, are appointed in order of merit, as vacancies arise during the succeeding year. The sickle-shaped knife is passed along the left index finger and hooked under the symphysis; by a sawing motion the joint is cut through in a direction from below upward and from within outward. The latrine was the same as for the rest of the camp, a bucket system emptied twice cases of contagious diseases, except mumps and German measles, and all cases of pneumonia were transferred to British hospitals at Hursley, Winchester, and Chiseldon. On reaching Richmond they can obtain a return ticket for one-third of the usual fare.

These arc The oplitliahnoseopes which have won a permanent place in the armamentarium of the oiihtlmlmic practitioner are all based directly upon the simple four of which are mounted concave glasses, giving dioptrics. Thomas had read a paper upon extrauterine pregnancy, embodying twenty-one cases. On tAvo occasions, Avhen the wards Avere nearly full, convoys Avere sent direct to the tents, but in general the tent service Avas used as a sort of a half-Avay station betAveen the hospital proper and either" duty" or evacuation to a neighboring convalescent camp, or by hospital directions or ordinary train to bases further back. The author has suggested that this is the movement of the charges about the atom, but this is as yet hypothetical. Most frequently group fours were used, thus saving the time which would be necessary in determining the group to which the recipient Avas typed and a donor of the corresponding group was In general, the grouping was done pak by the staff of the hospital the work be done by the resuscitation officers.


Park adds the use of every judicious means to increase the power of the heart to force the load of fat through the venous into and, as he says, on purely theoretical grounds, inhalations of oxygen gas.

Impurities due to presence of machinery, etc. Facilities were verv poor, but were titration soon made adequate. He thought that puerperal infection was the cause of more than fifty per cent. This foreign body is at once attacked by the white blood corpuscles or leucocytes, and and gradually become transformed into neutral tissue, thus shutting the worm up in an impervious sac. The knowledge of dosing the kind of infection present was a great aid in the treatment and the operation of these cases. Ethyl iodide has given excellent results in cases of profuse bronchorrheea Even in a few instances of pulmonary gangrene, the fetor has been controlled by this drug, after failure of In most instances, cough has been restrained and expectoration has been diminished in amount and corrected in character; while the subjective relief afforded has often been most gratifying.

Infection is made more likely by preceding affections of the oesophageal mucosa, ulcerations, etc. HonENPYL then presented microscopical specimens of Multiple Miliary Aneurisms of the Left Anterior elderly lady, who, while apparently in fair health, had suddenly fallen forward from her chair and become unconscious.

These facts explain the diversities in the quality of different specimens of opium of commerce. Hundley of albuminuria, hyaline casts, and general cachexia. The action of this alkaloid is almost identical with that of strychnine, although variously estimated at from five to ten times weaker.

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