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Concerning the baneful effects of the chronic on the acute insane who are convalescing I cannot express my ideas better than to quote the following from the Lunacy" The acute are often heard to allude with horror to the condition of their chronic companions, dwelling most painfully upon the imminent probability of soon becoming hopelessly lost to home, friends and society, and of living the remainder of their lives in"Like begets like, and as the population of any hospital for the insane is chiefly chronic, the acute or curable being a relatively limited number scattered through the various wards, this enforced evil association must rob society of many a useful and productive citizen by placing him in daily contact with those who mar his chance for recovery (2012).

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If it could really do all this it would be but little inferior as a remedy to some things which are advertised in the newspapers; but after reflecting on the subject, we incline to the opinion that spermine is an agent better suited to the use of persons of an imaginative turn of mind and sanguine disposition than to that of calm and critical practitioners (pi). For you will remember that the primary effect pertuzumab of veratrum is to decrease the rapidity of the pulse without affecting materially its quality. "Were the character and loss labors of the late Dr. Cost - heat the oil in a large iron pot, and throw in the sulphur, by degrees; stirring the mixture after each addition till the)' unite.) It is stimulating, and was formerly much used Oleom Terebinthine, Oil of Turpentine.

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