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Vs - the broad principle of sacrifice has been gladly accepted and every effort is being made to practice self-denial in the interest of suflfering humanity. To say, at this late day, that carcinoma has its origin in a depraved constitution is to be decidedly in the minority, for, with the exception of Sir James Paget, there is not one surgeon of international or, for that matter, even national, reputation that does not accept Hutchinson's This, of course, does not cast any reflection upon the ability of the dissenting few, and a discussion of this question of etiology would be of no consequence were it not for the fact that Hutchinson's idea "of" has revolutionized the whole management of tumors. These cases occurred during the same addictive period as the scarlatinal cases, when the city was exceptionally free from diphtheria. Despite the prolonged cold season, ice during the summer time attains the high figures which have existed during previous years: mg. Sometimes he is terribly ferocious, running furiously at is every object, bellowing and tearing up the ground, and goring his companions. He can buy also so modify the periods of its recurrence that he can, if he wiU, turn day into night as the time of his rest by sleep. Among the measures essential to the preservation and welfare of school children, none merits greater consideration, at the present time, than the development of open available air schools. He secures other his prize and settles himself down with pleasurable anticipation of a splendid intellectual treat. Respiration which had been deep and regular after the aspiration became somewhat hurried: for. But, as above stated, tliere are very grave objections to the theories that have been put forward, and, moreover, these theories are now unnecessary, inasmuch as the phenomena in the case of the mammal's heart are upon exactly the same footing as the phenomena in the case of the heart of cold-blooded animals, and therefore we are justified in supposing that the explanation is the same in the two cases (18). The newspaper-reports are "do" often unreliable, and the criticisms contained in them of high officials, who have to meet grave responsibilities, are often hasty and unjust.

Small portions of the brain and spinal cord were placed in a were then w;ished in water and imbedded, and sections were cut and stained by Nissl's method: does.


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