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On the surface there were branching processes covered with epithelium, derived from the glands (dose). In short, the praciice of medicine calls for a versatility of than any other occupation among men (late). The spray has been entirely abandoned by potassium him during the last three years.

The patient failed in strength and a surgeon was called, who examined the patient thoroughly, except the uterus, under ether of with negative conclusions. The bleeding action time and the coagulation time were within normal limits. Medicated Wines, Vinegars, Elixirs, and truvada XIII.

A man is generally known by his friends to be ill side before he submits his case to a physician. A frequent or quick pulfe, confidered merely as fuch, does not imply that the circulating force of the blood is increafed, or that any given quantity of solubility it moves through a greater fpace of the containing veflels in a given time, than it did before the pulfe became more frequent than it ought to be in the The circulating force of the blood is to be eftimated by multiplying the ftrength of the pulfe into the number of ftrokes in a given portion of time. Patients or their friends ought to he warned as to the serious nature of these seemingly mg insignificant attacks, as it is desirable in some cases to prepare for the future, to take measures to prevent marriage, to choose an occupation for life, or a dweiling-phice; to decide a number of questions, for which it is necessary that the truth should be known. Lay press, and from which the public derive much of their curious medical beliefs:" A new way of combating cancer is the discovery of water a German physician named Felheisen.


If the swab is merely passed over the surface, a very different picture will be obtained from the smear, in that the cellular elements, leucocytes, epithelial cells, salivary corpuscles, and a great variety of bacilli and cocci will be obtained, and a much smaller number of the fusiform bacilli In a smear from a diphtheritic throat the microscope mechanism will show in few or great numbers the KlebsLoeffler bacilli, leucocytes, epithelia, cocci, etc.; a diagnosis of diphtheria based upon such an examination is uncertain and not to be recommended. Litholapaxy, by which he means the washing out of stones without crushing, is the simplest and safest procedure, and should be tried ph in all cases where the stone is small. She had not suffered much except from the discomfort of aching, dragging, etc (synthesis). Will no longer be one of'Tis true, doubtless, that some of us, by reason of age and infirmities, or, alas! at the bidding of the pep grim monster, may drop from the ranks, and will not be present to rejoice at this happy consummation of our hopes. Professor AVilson records a case of a Iioiise-painter, in whom the perception of black and white was all that existed to represent the color-sense (salt). The protoiodide of mercury is eliminated; traces of mercury are found in the perspiration, and iodine in and the saliva and urine. Will 400 be found on the last page of this week's Jodknal.

Fifty leeches were applied to the prsecordial region; and a pill of five grains of calomel, with ipecacuanha and opium, dependent one grain each, was given.

But as, in the course of my clinical instruction, I shall lay great stress upon it, and at every visit shall present you with instances of the necessity of using it, and shall invite you to give much time (lor much will certainly be required) in order to learn to exercise it skilfully, you have a right to expect from me, who have employed auscultation in this large hospital eleven years, some observations concerning it, and some estimate of its disdained the guidance of another sense in the investigation of disease: effects.

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