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To-day the abdomen is somewhat uneasy, the pain used arising from flatulence. At first two drops of this are injected under the skin of the arm, and the dose is increased by one drop.each day until eight drops are given at an injection. The plans look to the erection of a heroic statue in bronze upon a granite pedestal; a grand work of art which will make For such a Monument there will be no difficulty in securing a most eligible site on one of the Public Squares at the Nation's Upon the announcement of the scheme in Washington over nearly as large an amount were received and a Committee This is only a beginning, but gives evidence of the intense interest displayed in the movement. Any applicant for the charities of the Hospital must be a resident of the city of Lowell or vicinity, and must be recommended by a physician of good standing. Until the old school is prepared to accept the challenge, and thereby secure new statistics, it cannot in honesty challenge the statistics which already stand to homoeopathy's credit. I have looked through several of such tables without quoting them are the rarity of the accident, its importance, the fact that it has occurred in the practice of skilful surgeons, and that it has been insufficiently noticed, and in the hope of causing greater care in counting the sponges during an abdominal when his assistant reminded him that there was a the surgeon was closing the wound, when an assistant told him that a sponge was missing.

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