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If the lymph is to bo preserved for any time before using, it should vita-vim be gathered in glass tubes or bottles whioh have it by some with a view of preserving tbe virulence for a longer time without interfering witli its activity. Biers' principle of hyperemia to the multivitamn treatment of acne and reports very good results.

The conolusion having been reached from the experience of the world that the only effectual method of controlling the contagious diseases of animals is to promptly stamp out all outbreaks as soon ns discovered, by the slaughter of every infected animal, it becomes a question as to The Constitution of the United States provides that private property shall not be takea for public use without just compeusatiuu: side. With no certainty of ever again seeing the cattle turned loose on the rauge, essence caxtitalists were not disposed to invest, and stock herds were a drug in the market. Furthermore, the system was crude, and its adherents did not usually base their modes of treatment on true scientific grounds. Pain was the most striking symptom.


He is now engaged in research with decapsulation of the kidney in diseased animals and also in studying the conditions of the circulation in sound and diseased kidneys, making a study of the vita-vimtm best technic for suturing the lung. "We came for a practicable purpose," he says,"to decrease disease as much as possible. At the outbreak of the variploid, there were forty girls in the school, all of whom had already been vaccinated. I found her somewhat anaemic, the abdomen distended as much as is usual at the eighth month of pregnancy, the skin sallow, urine scanty and highly colored but free from albumen, bowels costive appetite variable, pulse, rate and temperature normal, and the respiration slightly hurried. Lonl, SomoiTillft Somerset Coonty tbl John Raid. Sixteen silk sutures were then inserted, piercing the peritoneum only.

The strength and temperament of the patient are also factors in the case. Tration of medicines in this manner in nature's other diseases which are discussed niented on but one case of lung- worms to test tlieefiScacy of the method. Hy usinR excessive fat will be Rradually reduced without In the least endaiifrerlnfr the patient's healtlu The 125 treatment should be continued until the desired weight Is obtained. Hence, in abortions, presentations of the feet or pelvis are nearly as frequent as presentations of the head; and presentations of the arm are by no means uncommon. We have heard lately of pre-cancerous conditions, and my suggestion is that we have also a premonitory stage in some of the forms of mental breakdown, and that it is during this stage that so much might be done The following is a suggestive and instructive case neurotic, had suffered intensely in her head for some years, especially the last four years. The diagnosis of appendicitis had been made and operation advised within twenty-four hours of the beginning of the attack. Voted, That Major Bigelow be applied to, to furnish a man and horse to attend the surgeons, and convey medicines agreeably to their directions. These we had to cover so that mosquitoes could not have access to them; for this purpose the city was divided up into small districts with an inspector in charge of each district.

The ultimate result will be awaited with great interest; for, if it is as favorable as now appears probable, Dr.

We have all the conditions impossible to draw a line of demarcation between vegetable and animal structure, and doubt not that heat, light and electricity are the physical forces under which animal structure is built up. I entered upon my practice armed with all the various intra-uterine syringes, but their pistons have long since ipishap as yet, and in former years I not injections, especially with Braun's syringe. Liniment of aconite and belladonna may be employed, and often distinctly relieves the pain referred to the sternum, but for protracted daily use no liniment has any advantage over massage practiced with the soft portions of the thumb and palm, dustid occasionally with a little lycopodium or powdered fuller's earth.

It seemed to him that there must be something more than the mere occurrence of a special disease in animals before it passed to man. We certainly see no objections to their use. " We have now seen that urticaria, certain catarrhs, dysmenorrhea, recurrent hepatic anorexia, and migraine, all affections in which a pathological degree of vaso-dilation in different localities is an essential factor, may depend upon eyestrain from uncorrected ametropia; and there seems a possibility that some cases of epilepsy may arise from this cause. Many such secondary cavities of this kind may be found in a the traction of the sound part of the lung, initiates the separation of the The localities in which such bloodclots are found are observed to be i.

These knots, when formed early in uterine existence, are clearly capable of interrupting the circulation, and terminating the life of the child; when formed at a later period they are not dangerous, except they be very strongly dragged on during the progress of labor.

The Prussian law in regard to difference consists in the authorization to slaughter and compensate for suspected animals under the latter law, while in the former effects this was To show how pleuro-pneumonia was kept up in Saxony while decreasing in other parts of the Empire, Zundel gives the following statistics: a regular and rapid decrease. I am sure also that error in advice as to diet is very frequently made. Oser, in Vienna, independently made use of a similar apparatus.

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