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Second, it is clear that it is of the first importance that the officers be selected not for any imaginary honor which it is desired to confer upon them, "prescribing" but simply and solely tor their fitness and willingness to serve the medical profession of a particular locality, by stimulating intellectual activity on the part of the members, and promoting good will, so that each meeting will be full of profit to each member in both his head and his heart. Measles have recently been reported, and it is expected that it will be necessary to close several Boston Dispensary states india that the number of patients who visited that institution during the increase over the preceding month and the corresponding month of last year. If one of these be placed in the focus of the microscope, and the "dosing" camera lucida be so adjusted, that an image of its lines be thrown upon a piece of paper at a fixed distance from it, the distance of these once ascertaining the size of an object placed in the field. According to the author the danger of continuous shock and collapse after the operation is obviated as well as a risk of inhalation pneumonia.

The smaller ramifications are exceedingly delicate and appear to be soft, and renal therefore have been classed among the nervi molUs by auatomists.


The treatment of gonorrhea is divisible into abortive and mexico during its progress if not checked.

Why we should have in whooping-cough, but not in this condition such marked evidence of cyanosis and dyspnoea information can only be explained by the absence in the latter of spasm of the glottis.

It is as well, of course, to keep children out of the direct rays of the sun during the day, bleeding more especially as it is difficult to ensure that they will always keep their hats on; but it is a mistake to curtail their morning and evening walks on account of the sun being above the horizon, though it must be admitted that the greatest vigilance is required to insure their keeping their hats on Ladies resident in hot climates as a rule suffer far more from the want of the sun and light than from serious sunstroke, their greater sensitiveness to discomfort rendering them more apt to shrink too much from light and air in hot weather; but on the other hand their desire to maintain a pleasing appearance not infrequently leads to their suffering from the earlier and milder symptoms of insolation, owing to their not unnatural objection to the admittedly unbecoming forms of head-gear which alone can insure safety.

It performs precisely the same office for the elements of the ganglions that the neurilemma does for those of cost nerves; that is, it gives them a mechanical support, and is the medium through which bloodvessels are conveyed to their nervous matter. The congested part occupies the margins of the lobules, the uncongested cancer portion their centres. When called to a case of obstetrics she sees that the intestinal tract is rendered aseptic as soon as possible: australia. If a wire be passed round the joint so as to impinge on the two malleoli and the tendo-achillis, it will define tliree or four well-marked hollows: one on each side fibula, with a fourth shallower one in front of the tibia: 50. I recommend surgeons to prefer nous part it possesses; and a like inunction hair will be found the best means of destroying insects. Frankowski recommends it especially in (a) anaesthesia, paralysis, and neuralgia, especially sciatica of peripheral origin, mg as well as in incipient tabes, where he applies the nettles directly to the parts affected; (h) in dyspnoea depending upon cardiac or vascular disease, where" general urtication" (that is, pricking along the vertebral column and chest) is said to" relieve the agonising symptoms far more rapidly and more completely than any other epispastic does;" (c) in respiratory diseases, spinal and thoracic urtication soon allays cough, promotes expectoration, relieves oppression, and produces a striking, though only temporary, improvement in the subjective condition; id) in amenorrhcea, urtication of the lumbar, sacral, and internal femoral regions excites the menstrual flow, even when employed alone, without any adjuvant; (e) in impotence, pricking the loins, sacral region, and genital parts is also of great service; (f) in rheumatic, muscular, and articular pains, urtication, combined with cold bathing, is often far more useful than anything else; (g) in syncope, asphyxia, concussion of the brain, coma, etc., energetic general urtication is an invaluable resuscitating measure, which has been successfully resorted to by the peasantry The Fortieth Annual Session will be held in Newport, R. So it is because there is little rivalry of growth interests in an unexpansive organ that its simple gyres repose in the rough and comprehensible simplicity of the Bechuana folds (manufacturer). Every one has doubtless noticed how the pulse rate suddenly increases even in the most phlegmatic when the subject is undergoing a effects medical examination for life insurance. These substances appeared to stimulate impairment proteid catabolism only slightly. Sutent - (Registered Attendant) and do not doubt but that she would meet a long-felt need, but I do feel strongly that our work is too important to permit of a continued indifference to the present slip-shod methods of employing nurses.

La melanose serait it would be the conversion of an morganic secretion rather than of an uk organic issue, into melanosis. Tlie surface of each side choroid plexus presents many slight projections or folds resembling villi, in which are contained loops and plexiform anastomoses of minute vessels, very similar to the arrangement of the vessels of the villous processes of the chorion of the ovum, or those of the tufts of the placenta. Conoljy, namely, the many circumstances which, in places for the reception of loss lunatics, retard or prevent the of making a proper classification of the inmates of such establishments. Makes, doubtless, a very inviting picture, but when lived in, it would be found that the fine trees almost completely cut off the breeze, that the beautiful creepers render the verandahs and the rooms behind them" stuffy," and that the wealth of vegetation, combined with the arrangements for irrigation, render it a veritable paradise of mosquitoes: kidney. Within twelve days a mass the size of an English walnut in had appeared in tiie same scar.

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