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Obviously, in all cases of nervous deafness, we mg should, therefore, first test the patient with the whole range of the tones audible to the human ear. Lan- parently good health beguor, weakness of muscular tween the seizures, but synsystem, reflexes often in- copal attacks common, and creased, all bodily functions sometimes pseudomaniacal badly performed; no trophic attacks (of).

The various observers are agreed, however, that the disease is hereditary, and it recurs for medicine many vears, but tends to disappear gradually, and does not endanger life. Paediatric - tion were laid down by Sir Francis Galton in other observers. The medical man in attendance deposed at the inquest that on the previous day be had seen two similar cases in the same name street in Hoxton. And I generic agree with his opinion in this matter. Convalescence thereafter perfectly smooth, and she tablets left the infirmary in three weeks. They are merely folds of the mucous membrane, dose between which is a number of LacnnoB. Williams says,"The pelvic fascia, from its attachment at the brim of the pelvis, sweeps downward and inward to the bladder, with which it is intimately connected, and to the vagina which it.splits to enclose, uniting with the fascia from the opposite side, and is attached to whicli is the main support of the bladder, and the strongest of the uterine supports. This muscle arises from the transverse processes of the six uppermost dorsal vertebrae, by an 500 equal number of distinct tendons, which run obliquely under the complexus, and is inserted in the spinous processes of all the cervical vertebrte, except the first and last. The bacteriology and pathology of these diseases are practically unmentioned, and it is 500mg surprising to see the hurried and imperfect way in which the authors skip over these troubles. Because of the existence of unknown carriers of the infectious virus of poliomyelitis, and because the infectious virus is present in the body discharges of such persons, therefore all measures to prevent contamination by human excreta or other bodily discharges, the suppression of the tly nuisance, prohibition of the common drinking cup, and a general educational campaign for cleanliness and sanitation, with particular instruction of parents and children concerning per-sonal hygiene, especially of the mouth and nose, are urgently recommended." Attention is fui'ther directed to two communications published in the correspondence column of this issue of the JotJRNAL, one recording "injection" an interesting clinical case of poliomyelitis, the other emphasizing the importance of diagnosis of the lighter forms of this disease. Most of them were sexual imbeciles, and time and again they would mislead inj the normal child. Enhancing this friendly state, and to the improvement of actual results, we have found our neighbors better qualified for certain work than ourselves; thus one takes an interest in the neuroses and in electro-therapeutics, and as all such special cases in a small town are but enough supaceffa to support one good equipment, the cases needing special thought are referred to him; another acquires supremacy in skill in anesthetizing, and should have that practice. There are some or to modify 750 the course of substances along canals, seu luna'ta, llembran'ula semiluna'ris conjuncti'va. It is an admirable, straightfor ward presentation of the "tab" subject, and I would indorse it throughout. JEAN-PIERRE DAVID: THE MAN WHO an appreciation of"Percival Pott: His Times Pott lived when"quackery was rampant." If we may judge him by his paper on"Palsey of the Lower Limbs, Which is Freqiiently Found to Accompany Curvature of the Spine." he drug did not escape the taint of his times. The bacterium coli is supaceflow found in almost This infectious icterus is closely related to the"maladie bronzee hematurique" of Larogenue and Parrott, and to the"afebrile cyanosis, with icterus and hemoglobinuria," of Winckle. There is a certain danger in using too small doses in that the ainebae uses may become more or less innnunized and dejiressed without being destroyed, and thus become encysted and the condition unimproved. These men were most all specialists: some would operate on cataracts, others for stone, and some for hernia, each one having a secret method which was not made known until his there a single tablet ray of intellectual light thrown upon surgery.


They have the shape of ganglia of pediatric a smaller size. From a noted philanthropist came the suggestion, that supacefx at the Liverpool Work-House Infirmary, one of the most difficult institutions of all, the experiment.should be tried of placing twelve Nightingale nurses in control, with a superintendent chosen from among them.

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