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Duncan's Timeline
Duncan MacLeod was born in the Scottish Highlands in the year 1592. This section of the site provides a history of his life based on what we've been shown in all six seasons of the series and the subsequent Highlander: Endgame movie. It also includes a section on flashbacks involving other characters that occur before Duncan's birth.

Under construction
At the present time, this section is under construction. Duncan's life has now been completed, so I've switched my attention to Amanda's timeline.

bullet1592-1622: Duncan's early life before he became Immortal.
bullet1623-1699: Witness Duncan's early Immortal life, spent chiefly in the British Isles and Western Europe, including jaunts to France and Italy.
bullet1700-1746: A poorly recorded segment of Duncan's history this, although he does find the time to get married and separated in one night.
bullet1747-1780: Duncan travels east after the Battle of Culloden, through Turkey, Russia and India until he arrives in Japan and China.
bullet1783-1815: He returns to Europe in time to join the British Army for the Napoleonic Wars.
bullet1816-1853: Duncan's first adventures in the Americas are recorded here, as well as more European jaunts as he visits France and Spain as well as England.
bullet1854-1873: Duncan crosses back over the Atlantic Ocean, and spends an eventful 19 years criss-crossing the US, including time spent with the Lakota Indians
bullet1880-1905: After a brief trip across the Pacific, Duncan continues his exploration of the continental United States
bullet1914-1929: An eventful period in Duncan's life, moving from World War to world economic downturn
bullet1930-1945: See how Duncan played a more active role leading up to - and including - the Second World War
bullet1946-.: The final chapter of Duncan's adventures to present, taking us up to 1992, when the series chronicles his adventures for six years and beyond into the 21st Century.
bulletAmanda's timeline: this will eventually contain all of Amanda's flashbacks, both from the original series and her spin-off series, The Raven.

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Key dates
Some key moments in Duncan's life to look out for:

Duncan dies a violent death, thus triggering his Immortality

Duncan's first Quickening

Duncan's one (and only) wedding

Obtains his katana in Japan

Visits the Americas for the first time

Returns to the Game after an absence of ten years


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