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Debra CampbellDuncan's Timeline: 1592-1622
Duncan MacLeod was born in Glenfinnan, near the shores of Loch Shiel, in the Scottish Highlands in 1592. At least, he was found there as a baby by Ian MacLeod and his wife, and adopted as their own.

Duncan is lost in the Donan Woods, home to the legendary witch Cassandra. She rescues him from the attentions of one of her ex-pupils, Roland Kantos (E1, 'Prophecy').


1618Duncan and Robert MacLeod come to blows
Duncan kills his cousin Robert when the latter challenges him over Debra Campbell. Debra and Duncan are in love, but Debra's father promises her to Robert in a political marriage designed to unite the MacLeods and the Campbells, who have been skirmishing for decades. Debra later dies in a tragic accident after threatening suicide when Duncan initially refuses to marry her after Robert's death - although the pair are reconciled, she slips down the side of a cliff and is buried away from consecrated ground
(D1, 'Homeland').



Duncan 'dies' for the first time1622
Echoing the death of his clansman Connor, Duncan is 'killed' during a clan war. When he miraculously revives, re-born as an Immortal, he is reviled by his clan, rejected by his father and cast out of his village (A2, 'Family Tree').

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Historical events
Here's what was happening in the world during this period of Duncan's life

After Elizabeth I's death, James VI of Scotland is crowned King of England, ushering in the Stuart dynasty.

Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot - a plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament - is foiled and the perpetrators executed, an event still celebrated in the British Isles on 5th November with bonfires and fireworks.

Beginning of the Thirty Years War in what is now Germany.

The Mayflower and Speedwell set out on their voyage to colonise America.

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