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Duncan receives instruction from Connor in ItalyDuncan's Timeline: 1623-99
After Duncan's rebirth and expulsion from his clan, he wanders the Highlands for a number of years before being rescued by his clansman, Connor. For the rest of the 17th Century Duncan wanders Britain and Europe forging new friendships and making new enemies.

After wandering Scotland for two years, Duncan returns to his village to avenge the death of his father at the hands of fellow Immortal, Kanwulf. Not knowing who he - or Kanwulf - is, Duncan 'kills' him, but doesn't take his head (D1, 'Homeland').


Duncan's first QuickeningDuncan receives his first Quickening when an Immortal hermit, who successfully beat the demon Ahriman in the 10th Century, tells him of his destiny and forces him to take his head. (E18, 'Archangel')

Later that year - as the hermit predicted - Duncan is found by Connor on the battlefield at Glen Fruin in Scotland. Connor takes him under his wing. (Endgame)

While Connor is away on business in Aberdeen, Duncan is attacked by Martin Hyde. He's easily bested, but Hyde isn't interested in Duncan's Quickening - he wants his teacher's (B20, 'Prodigal Son').

Connor takes Duncan to Italy where, at Ravenna, he teaches him how to defend himself against fellow Immortals (Endgame). Shortly after, the pair part.

Mac encounters Devon Marek, the adopted son of the Duke of Willioughby, just as the nobleman 'dies' for the first time. Not realising he has sensed a pre-Immortal Mac buries Marek who subsequently revives. Well, you live and learn. (F6, 'Black Tower')

Amanda and Rebecca make Duncan's acquaintance1635
Duncan leaves Scotland again to travel through Europe. En route he meets Amanda for the first time, who is with her mentor Rebecca Horne. (B19, 'Legacy')

He also discovers a simple Immortal called Ursa who is being persecuted by superstitious villagers who believe him a devil. Mac delivers Ursa to a monastery. (A16, 'The Beast Below')

In Verona on the Italian peninsula, MacLeod encounters Hugh Fitzcairn for the first time when he unsuccessfully tries to protect the Prince of Verona's daughter from his advances. The pair hit it off and, after Mac 'kills' Fitz in order to preserve the girl's honour, and gets fired from his job, they decide to learn to read together. As you do. (C15, 'Star-crossed')

Duncan and Fitz in 16391639
Duncan and Fitz are in the employ of an Italian duke - as bodyguards. (A22, 'The Hunters')

Mac encounters the immortal Kyra in a French tavern. The pair predictably end up sharing a bed for the night (F5, 'Patient Number 7').



He is saved from slavery by Hamza el Kahir while in Algiers and encounters Xavier St. Cloud for the first time (C21, 'Finale, part one').

Macleod encounters Graham Ashe (left), an Immortal who tutored Ramiriez, and Haresh Clay, who subsequently takes Ashe's head (E2, 'End of Innocence').

KalasDuncan takes sanctuary in a monastery that offers shelter to beleaguered immortals. There he encounters Kalas, and has the singing monk expelled when he uncovers his little sideline in killing Immortals as soon as they leave sanctuary
(C14, 'Song of the Executioner').

Duncan lives with Kristen Gilles in her French chateau until he suspects her of murdering the artist he fell in love with
(D10, 'Chivalry').

In France, Duncan meets Grace Chandler who is delivering a baby (A17, 'Saving Grace'). He later returns to England in the wake of the Restoration of Charles II.

Duncan travels as an actor in a second-rate travelling show under the direction of fellow Immortal Walter Graham, who had previously nurtured Shakespeare (D11, 'Timeless').

Duncan enjoys the London aroma1665
Duncan is nearly burned at the stake for being a witch during the Great Plague. His Immortal friend Garrick isn't so lucky - serves him right for stabbing Duncan in public in the first place (C9, 'Shadows').

Duncan is weapon's master and military tutor to a chieftain's son in Scotland, when he encounters fellow Immortal Michel de Bourgogne, whom he presumably kills in combat considering the series isn't about de Bourgogne (B14, 'Unholy Alliance part one').

Both Fitz and Mac are pursuing the beautiful Immortal Gina, who instead meets her future husband (yet another Immortal - the heads must have been really buzzing by this point), Robert de Valincourt
(D20, 'Till Death').

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Historical events
Here's what was happening in the world during this period of Duncan's life

King Charles I succeeds to the English throne after the death of his father.

English Civil War, which ends with Oliver Cromwell's victory for the Parliamentarian faction and the death of Charles I.

Sir Isaac Newton is born in Lincolnshire.

The Ming Dynasty is overthrown in China, and is replaced by the Qing Dynasty, which endures until the overthrow of The Last Emperor in 1911.

Charles II is restored to the throne of England, although English kings will never again enjoy absolute power.

Louis XIV becomes King of France.

Great Fire of London.

Charles dies and is succeeded by his Catholic brother James II.

James is overthrown and replaced by the Protestant William III (of Orange), who jointly rules with his wife - and Charles' daughter - Mary II.

Bank of England is founded.

Peter I (Peter the Great) assumes sole control as Tzar of Russia when his half-brother Ivan dies.

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