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Duncan in a thoughtful moodDuncan's Timeline: 1700-46
The first half of the 18th Century sees Duncan struggle with Scotland's increasing lack of independence at the hands of the English, culminating in the Battle of Culloden and its bloody aftermath. He also finds time to get married (and separated) - what a busy bee...

Duncan watches helplessly as his Immortal friend Segur is killed by Martin Hyde (B20, 'Prodigal Son').


Duncan and his blushing brideDuncan witnesses a mortal friend die, this time to Immortal Paul Kinman, while he is a Scottish Emissary to the court of Queen Anne. (D8, 'Reluctant Heroes').

He also encounters Amanda again in Constantinople, and ends a busy year travelling with Connor in Ireland, where he encounters his future wife Kate for the first time (Endgame).

Duncan and Kate are married in Ireland. Connor tells him that Kate's latent Immortality can only be triggered by a violent death. Unable to contemplate an existence where Kate grows old and dies, Duncan decides to stab Kate on their wedding night so they can love each other forever. Her reaction is to run out on him - understandable considering... (Endgame)

An early game of golf with Fitzcairn1720
MacLeod is reunited with Fitzcairn under Westminster Abbey where Fitz is trying to blow up George I, and Mac is trying to steal the Stone of Scone (E16, 'The Stone of Scone').

Encounters fellow Immortal Walter Reinhardt while travelling by coach from London to Dover. (A10, 'Revenge is Sweet').

Duncan narrowly avoids death - first as an alleged poacher, and then at the hands of the Immortal (Charles Browning) who supposedly 'saves' him (B21, 'Counterfeit part one').

Duncan returns to Scotland to fight for the cause of the Young Pretender, Bonnie Prince Charlie, alongside his Immortal friends Warren Cochrane and Ceirdwyn (C17, 'Take Back the Night'; D18, 'Through The Glass, Darkly').

The murderous Duncan goes looking for revenge1746
Duncan delivers Bonnie Prince Charlie into the care of fellow Immortal Ceirdwyn before the Scottish prince is able to escape the country. MacLeod stays behind on a bloody quest for retribution, culminating in the murder of the Earl of Dunbar in front of Steven Keane (E16, 'Forgive us Our Trespasses'). Ceirdwyn manages to persuade him to end his murderous ways, resulting in him leaving Britain on a 40-year wandering tour to the Far East and back (C17, 'Take Back The Night').

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Historical events
Here's what was happening in the world during this period of Duncan's life

The Act of Union is passed between England and Scotland.

Queen Anne, the last Stuart monarch, dies childless, and the throne of England is passed over to the German House of Hanover in the person of George I.

Charles Edward Stuart, grandson of deposed monarch James II, is born. He will later become The Young Pretender, also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Sir Isaac Newton dies. George II becomes King of England.

The forces of Bonnie Prince Charlie are routed by the English at the Battle of Culloden.

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