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Duncan and friend in ConstantinopleDuncan's Timeline: 1747-80
After defeat at the battle of Culloden, Duncan travels east in search of new adventures and an escape from his violent past. He travels across Europe and Asia, eventually finding himself in the Far East.

Duncan stays with the Cossacks by the Don River in Russia for a while, but leaves in disgust when, under the command of Immortal Kristov (there's that 'K' thing again), they sack a defenceless village (C18, 'Testimony').

Arrives in Constantinople and saves Amanda (once again) from losing her hand (C22, 'Finale part two').

Duncan returns to the north coast of Africa and finds himself promising an unconditional offer of help in return for that of a young boy (D15, 'Promises').

Duncan takes tea in British-controlled India 1765
Serves as a guide for the British army in India, where he encounters the Immortal Kamir and saves a widow from joining her dead husband on the funeral pyre, calling into question her honour, even after they fall in love (D9, 'The Wrath of Kali').

Joins a merchant ship captained by Immortal Terence Kincaid at Singapore. When the crew mutiny, he 'saves' Kincaid from being shot by marooning him on a tiny island with no food or drinkable water. Kincaid is driven mad by the time he spends on the island dying and coming back to life again (D6, 'Reunion').

The ship is then destroyed off the coast of Japan, and Mac is washed ashore, where he is rescued and given shelter by Hideo Koto, who will be forced to commit hari kiri as a result. In return, Duncan makes another promise that his 'family' will help the Koto's if called upon in the future. He is also given Hideo Koto's katana, which he has carried ever since (C1, 'The Samurai').

Duncan in Japan

Encounters Kiem Sun in China for the first time, and discovers he is trying to develop a drug designed to enhance people's strength and obedience (A3, 'The Road Not Taken').

He then seeks out the Immortal Mei Ling in Mongolia, who teaches him the martial arts - once she's got over the fact he's got over the fact she's a woman (C12, 'They Also Serve').

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Historical events
Here's what was happening in the world during this period of Duncan's life

The Seven Years War between the major European powers (Britain and Prussia versus Russia, Austria and France) breaks out, fought largely in colonies like India and North America.

George III becomes King of England.

The British Parliament passes the Stamp Act, which will eventually lead to the American War of Independence.

The American Colonies declare independence against their British rulers and a 16-year war ensues.

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