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Duncan and his baronial chargeDuncan's Timeline: 1783-1815
Duncan returns to Europe in time to get caught up in the French Revolution and its aftermath, which has wide-ranging consequences for the whole of Europe

Duncan serves as bodyguard for a French baron who is negotiating peace with the British. The baron is killed by Immortal assassin Kuyler (A14, For Evil's Sake).

Duncan encounters Kanis for the first time when his dogs threaten a boy on the Duchess of Somerse's estates. Kanis is hanged for his impudence (D4, 'Leader of the Pack').

Duncan's first meeting with Terence Coventry is immortalised - sic - in the novel Blade of the MacLeods. We see the novel's dramatic retelling and the grubbier, less romantic reality (E5, 'Dramatic License').

Duncan visits the exiled Bonnie Prince Charlie in France with Warren Cochrane in an abortive attempt to raise an army for him (D18, 'Through a Glass Darkly').

Hugh Fitzcairn, 1796 vintage

Duncan's student Jean-Phillipe proves he's all mouth and no trousers when he loses his head to Damon Case (D17, 'The Immortal Cimoli').

Duncan and Fitzcairn rescue fellow immortal Robert de Valincourt from the guillotine - good thing too, as he's in Paris to celebrate his 100th wedding anniversary with Gina (D20, 'Till Death').

There's nothing better than ending a century boozing and cavorting with friends, in this case Immortal thief Gabriel Piton (A19, 'Eye of the Beholder').

Duncan's friendship with Piton is soured after he catches the thief attempting to steal from an English duchess - mainly because Duncan's having a fling with her (A19, 'Eye of the Beholder').

Duncan and Amanda enjoy life in Bavaria1804
Duncan spends time with Amanda, who abandons him at a Bavarian Inn to take the fall for a robbery of hers. Sounds like she and Piton would have made great friends... (A18, 'The Lady and the Tiger')

Duncan is hanged in place of his mortal friend when said friend is framed for a murder actually committed by Immortal Lymon Kurlow and friend (C10, 'Blackmail').

Duncan is an officer in the British army. When he leads his platoon to commandeer a French mansion he discovers two Immortals - Xavier St Cloud and his student Morgan D'Estaing - leaving the premises, having murdered the D'Estaing family inside (D19, 'Double Jeopardy').

Spends time in Switzerland with Brian Cullen, one of the finest Immortal swordsmen (C6, 'Courage').

Re-enlists in the Napoleonic Wars on the side of the British, fighting in a Highlander regiment (B15, 'Unholy Alliance part two'). Meets Darius on the battlefield of Waterloo (left) and opts to spend time with him (A13, 'Band of Brothers').

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Historical events
Here's what was happening in the world during this period of Duncan's life

Britain surrenders and the American War of Independence ends.

Britain formally recognises the independence of the United States.

Bonnie Prince Charlie dies (31st January).

The French Revolution sees Louis XVI deposed from the throne. George Washington is elected first President of the United States.

France declares war on Austria (1792) and Great Britain (1793).

Napoleon rises to prominence during various campaigns in Europe and Africa.

Napoleon seizes power and becomes First Consul.

Napoleon becomes Emperor of France.

Napoleonic Wars, which culminate at the Battle of Waterloo.

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